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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Fireguy, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Ok..I bought 4 syn3 qaurts before I started reading the forum. Through the conversation with you all, I decided to go with Mobile1. But when I tried to return the syn3...OH MY GOSH. They stated that syn3 is the only thing you should be using. If something should go wrong with your motor they may not cover it under warranty. I under stand HD is trying to run a business and make money, but, it's hard to convince me that a better oil for my bike that cost the same would not be covered. "PLEASE" The only thing that I would like to know is does anyone have a clean way of removing the oil filter without making a mess. I used a plastic bag and removed it and did pretty good but I am open for anymore ideas. By theway my new bike is the proud owner of Mobile1 v-twin.
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    They can't deny you the warranty coverage if the oil meets or exceeds the syn 3 specs in this case the Mobil 1 does both. Just another example of the less than admirable tactics used by the dealers.

    As far as the filter, you can minimize the mess by punching a few holes in the bottom of the end of the filter and one in the top opposite it prior to removing it using something to catch the oil that drains out and route it to a drain pan.
    Do it with the bike on the side stand.
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    Fireguy....I use the Mobil 1 V Twin...for a few of course it being rated a bit better than the Citgo aka Syn3...but it very easy to find. We were in Utah last year and the couple we were riding with who uses nothing but HD products ( he afraid of warranty issues as well ) he's kinda hard headed....needed oil..he had dropped his bike and some of the fluids ran out and the closest dealer was 125 miles from us. To say the least he was we went to a Wal Mart ( hate admitting that! ) and pick up the Mobil V Twin changed his oil. Of course was unable to change filter. So its also very convenient using something thats easy to obtain.BTW I always buy my Mobil at a auto parts store coz its usually a few cents cheaper...and for personal reasons we don't shop at Wal Mart.
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    I use a plastic 2 liter pop bottle for draining the filter. I cut the bottom off and slit the bottle length ways on 2 sides and cut off the top half, leaving the bottom half and the neck. Slide it under the filter and drill a hole in the top of the filter (bottom edge) to drain.
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    drives me nuts when dealers do that thats gm saying you can only use gm goodwrench oil only. anyway I just my first 1000mile oil change used mobil 1 just like in my truck:bigsmiley24:
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    Have your dealer read the federally mandated Magnuson-Moss Act that states a manufacturer may not require the use of a specific brand of aftermarket product unless it is provided free of charge.

    (pulled from AMSOIL site)
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    Moble 1 v twin always.
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    Hey guys just upgraded from an 06 Deuce to an 08 Road King Classic and I'm wondering about warranty issues regarding getting rid of Syn 3. I had just changed out the SYN 3 for AMSOIL in the Deuce and loved it. So my question is does AMSOIL meet or exceed company specs? I haven't been able to find Mobil1 in my town but a parts store has the AMSOIL. Anyway, thanks a bunch and will post new pictures of my baby soon.
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    No warranty issues as long as what you use meets or exceeds the manufacturers specs.
  10. Bud White

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    Amsoil even has a letter from harley that says its ok to use in them on their site..

    And Smitty my dealer tried the same thing you can only use harley oil or it will void the warranty and dont use synthiec itll leak and burn and blah blah blah