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Discussion in 'Custom Models' started by raynestorm, Feb 28, 2010.

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    i have a s&s 100 smooth and when i rode today it had milky looky blow out oil. the oil comes out of the tubes that are connected to the carb. and we ran down under bike it was just blowing oil and so we ran hoses under bike but today the oil was a milky color. can anyone help with this and why does it blow so much oil in the first place???
  2. Dan89FLSTC

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    Don`t panic...

    The milky, white stuff is from water in the oil, usually it is from condensation, which is caused by not getting the oil hot enough.

    Why is the oil blowing out the breather?

    A few things come to mind...

    Overfilled with oil (only add oil after the level has been checked on a hot engine).

    Bike sitting a long time, oil drains into the sump, sometimes too much drains down there for the scavenge system to handle, and it blows out the breather.

    It could also be caused by a plugged or kinked scavenge line. Pop the didpstick out of the tank and check that oil is returning to the tank.

    Remember, don`t :newsmile055: add oil until you have run the engine long enough to scavenge all the oil out of the crankcase, and the engine is hot.
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    Welcome to the forum raynestorm, Dan has you covered, sounds like your bike just needs a good ride and it should be fine, if you've been starting it through the winter and not riding it that would explain the condensation in the oil. How long have you had the bear and how do you like it?
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Short rides in cooler weather oil doesnt get hot enough to burn off the condensation from the combustion

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I knew a biker that STARTED his bike up for EVERY TOM DICK AND MARY....
    JUST to RAZZ and listen for a minute or two....

    After a top end job and cleaning of the oil tank,,, he became a believer that once he started it,,, it should go for a ride... a LONG ride!

  6. khewell

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    Getting the engine hot once it's started is important to me.
    I worked as a road mech on forklifts a few years ago and saw several top ends that were ruined by the milky oil.
    Plus it gives you a reason to ride longer.