mikuni 42mm installation

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    I have a 2004 road king 88 inch,S&S 510 gear drive cams,thunderheader 2 into 1 exhaust,Twin tec ignition module ness stage 2 big sucker air cleaner and have recently acquired a screamin' eagle mikuni 42 mm flat slide carb.I have read they are awesome and the throttle response with them is the best.also says on tc engines you may have to file a fin to clear the float bowl on the cylinders.and that you need to reroute the throttle cables.Is this an easy install and what are they talking about with the cables? performance wise am i gonna get a good result-I am planning on a 95 inch kit this winter.Thanks,Ben
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    I have fitted 2 mikuni hsr 42 carbs to my 2 evo big twin bikes without any problems however one of them was a used carb and i should have used a rebuild kit and replaced some components prior to fitting and had to take it off again to replace the float needle
    so a rebuild is a good idea prior to fitting
    on the earlier models of the carb the cable points were toward the rear cylinder and later models toward the front cylinder just like the stock cv so you may have to adjust the cable location to suit

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    On my evo, I had to reroute the cables from running down the right side of the frame, to the left side. Reason was the cables had to have more of a "straight shot" off the throttle plate. Routing the choke cable was a little tricky, yours may be easy. Tip; lube the manifold seal that the carb slips into, and be gentle, the rubber is thin. I am very happy with my 42mm Mikuni.