Metal in primary?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Trek, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Trek

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a friend with a 2002 Ultra Classic, I helped him change out his fluids yesterday since I have never done it before I wanted to get an idea of how to do it when I get mine. Indeed it is quite true what everyone says "even a caveman can do it." On to the question, I was looking inside the inspection cover of the primary when I noticed a small chunk of metal. We removed the whole primary cover and found a few more pieces in there. He called another friend who has built a few bikes of his own and said it was from the "jack shaft" of the starter and if it is starting fine not to worry about it. We did look at all the teeth on the gears and the clutch plates and they all looked fine. He will be leaving for Sturgis next Thursday and asked if I would see what I could I find out here. So does that sound like good advice or should there be more concern. Thanks.
  2. glider

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    Open it up and find where the metal came from and fix it or get stuck on the road somewhere and never make it to Sturgis. Not a difficult choice at all.

    It's a amazing that the friend could tell where it came from over the phone too.
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    The "run" "stop" switch was the intended target to stop engine but the "start switch is hit mistakenly, zzzing--- there is metal flying and the magnet eventually attracts it.


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    Is this normal?? I have a 2003 Ultra Classic, and I have not heard of this? Something to look for I guess.
    Agreed on the fact that you find where it is coming form or pay the Piper down the raod. :(
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    Guilty on hitting the start button while the engine is running.

    I failed the visual test on the ring gear. The pinion gear jammed into the back of the ring gear and took out have half the teeth. From the front they looked good but if you ran your fingers over the teeth you could feel the missing metal.

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    As Glider says..."--chunks..." even small ones. IS NOT GOOD or not normal...slight bits of fine metal "grit" IS typical. Find out where the big pieces came from or you might get stranded especially if this service just before you are to leave. Without a 100 mile or so road test, to be sure all things are working okay before any service to establish your normal bike "Baseline".
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I'll pass along what was said. I do know he is going to trailer it out to Sturgis but he surely could stranded on one of his rides. I agree with everyone I too would like to know here it is coming from.Thanks again.