Met 01 rk and His Wife 6-22-13

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    Dave & Lorraine didn't let a few issues stop them from visiting Colorado. Actually they have been here many times, actually they have been all over many times (48 states). They are accomplished tourers and some great people to know. If you get the chance to meet these 2 take advantage we had a get little tour of the city, ate some hamburger at Pikes Peak HD. I took a page out of Redfish Joe's book and drove out to meet them coming in on US 24. I thought this is such a great move when Joe did it for us. You can just sit back and let the guy with the local knowledge do the work. Again just wonderful folks to now say are my friends.
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    Awesome. I have enjoyed every meeting I have had the pleasure to experience with our fine folks here. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. :)
  3. Jack Klarich

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    It just keeps getting better putting faces with the names of our members:s
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    Great that you could all meet up. I always enjoy meeting other members and hope I can keep doing it for years to come.