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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by LVspringer, Nov 11, 2008.

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    Glider et al,

    Having just completed a custom, I have been knocking out various electric problems one by one. I have cleared most of my diagnostic codes but have two remaining. They are both under Sp (speedometer) and read:

    U1301 = Speedo/Tach Serial data open high
    b1004 = Fuel level sending unit low instruments

    Can anyone tell me what these mean and how I fix or address these issues.

    Also, another wierd issue has to do with the blue "high beam" icon on my dash. It's lighted when the low beam is on and gets brighter when the high switch is on - Any ideas?

    All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Disregard - I cleared the codes. Thanks! However - still have high beam idiot light issue...

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  2. gs34

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    Does the light actually switch from low beam to high?
    I would recheck the wiring to the switch and light and also recheck your ground for that circuit.
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    some info on the bike might help to diagnose over the net.:s is it the stock headlight?
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    Yes, it's a stock headlight. I was trying to wire the passing lamps into the circuit. Low beam is dimmer than usual but high beam seems fine. Bright light Idiot light on the dash gets brighter when you turn on the high beam but the light is definitely on when the low beam is switched on. I understand from other posts that the dim low beam could be bad ground and I suspect that might be a part of my problem with the passing lamps. Uggh!
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    I would suspect a bad ground as you mentioned. The light is furnishing a ground for the circuit when it is dimly lit.