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    I have a shiny HD helmet that fits me just right. I can't find a new helmet that fits me just the same way. Problem is the look of the flames appliqué and clear coat over such is dated and a little cheesy. It has also sustained a few scratches and paint chips along the way. The structure is sound and the lining seems as sound as the day I bought it. It's just the appearance of the finish and flames I am no longer in love with.

    I decided to take a scotchbrite pad to the helmet to prep it for some flat black paint. Well after just a few minutes and 2 scotchbrite pads I decided the white powder surrounding the surface of the helmet meant it was likely ready for paint. I wiped the dust away with a light household cleaner and paper shop towel. Well.... I now love the look of the helmet. No paint needed! The scotchbrite flattened out most of the scratches, softened the edges of the chips and got rid of the ridge of clear coat defining the flame appliqué. The resulting matte finish is exactly the look I was going for. Like an old pair of jeans that are faded in just the right place. Even the scratches and chips add to the look. You can still even see the HD logo and DOT symbol on the rear.

    Of course replace your helmet if it has and indications of structural damage or the materials are breaking down. But if it's the look of your shiny helmet you are no longer in love with.... try a little rubbing with a scotchbrite or similar pad.

    BF (pictures to follow, it's dark out right now.)
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    Instant classic. Nice job :s