Mass Update Of Everything. :) And Thank You!

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    First & foremost, I need to thank you all for your support over the last year! As usual, everything is working itself out, and you all have been great friends over the years. Thank you all!

    We have the house mostly in order (the Ohio home), the scaffold is back out in hubby's shop, instead of in my back room. :O My desk is back in place & most of my 'junk' is out of the shed and in some kind of order again. The FL house is currently rented, the WV home is awesome, just not enough time to visit. And the 2 grandson's are growing like crazy!

    More importantly, I am thrilled to admit, that after 6 months, Steve's ankle surgery is showing VERY POSITIVE results. For the first time in years, we are going on walks! He used to be limited to about 1000 steps per day, now we are going out walking a bit in the evenings even riding our bicycles again. We are even talking about hitting some of the rail trails in the area and one ride in particular will be about 15 miles. Not much for me, since I used to race mountain bikes, but for Steve it is awesome to be able to even consider doing that.

    We have had the balloon out several times already this year, it is looking like a great season lining up. (Steve07, we haven't forgot you, but we are at the bottom of our accountants list so we are waiting to see what we owe the gov'ment) :( then we will hook up with you on a trailer deal. :s

    We bought a 2008 Royal Enfield for funning around, it's the WWII military design, way cool, but light, fun to putz around on and we don't have to worry so much about it. It's a great option on days for him to just scoot up to the gun shop & work around or hang out.

    I did have a minor mishap with my knee last week, but I am pretty sure it is fine, just a case of a pinched meniscus or patellar tendonitis, (my guess) but it is already better. No issues with lateral stability, just hurts when I have it bent & try to put weight on it, i.e. kneeling or standing up from a sitting position.

    Geez, what else? Oh yeah, we are working part time for a local gun shop that is only about 3 miles away. Mainly weekends for me at local shows, and for Steve, it is a little bit every day. He is doing a bit of gun smithing and they call him to help out or consult with him when they have questions about something someone may want to sell or trade. It has been great for keeping him busy. :D
    Oh yeah, we also got our certifications to teach CCW classes, so I have been busy trying to get our first class together too.

    So, as you can see, we have a full plate, but as the dust settles around me, I really hope to keep checking in and finding a new schedule & routine. :s

    Steve07, if you and Barb are going to be in the area, we will try to coordinate getting you off the ground!

    I must apologize for not being around much lately, ( I had other plans, but so happy to be busy with my best friend this year!) :bigsmiley16::bigsmiley16::gh:gh

    It was so great to log in and see Speed back! That was very nice, somehow made being back on 'just feel right', for lack of better words.

    That is a lot of 'Good' to report, so about the only bad stuff going on was the recent death of a cousin who died suddenly at the early age of 43 in March, learned that another friend from the ballooning community went crazy & shot his family, killing himself and his 9 year old son, injured his wife & daughter, (not sure what the whole story was on that, (that happened in Feb, but we just learned about it about a month ago) and some of our good friends had a son killed in a motorcycle accident near Houston a couple of weeks ago when an SUV pulled out in front of him while he was riding. Young guy with a young daughter (about 2 years old) and their other baby is due in August. Very sad for the family. 1 have one cousin battling brain cancer, but she is doing great so far and the prognosis is promising. The job still stinks, but it does pay pretty well & has some great benefits, so I can't gripe too much about that. But after what so many people around me are going through, being at a job I'm not so happy with hardly even earns a mention here. So, all in all, everyone is working through their grief, and I have faith that soon I will be in a better department at work and that will be good again. :s

    Not too bad when I have so many good things to be happy about and only one paragraph of bad. I am very blessed and I try to take the time to thank God each day for taking care of me and blessing us so much.

    God bless you all and thank you so much.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Wow, you sure have been busy, sure am glad things are working out for you and Steve now, I guess the power of prayer comes thru again :s
  3. geezer

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    Glad to hear things are finally coming together for you and Steve. :)
  4. HDDon

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    I'm with Geezer. Great to see that your life is smiling back at you and Steve.
  5. fin_676

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    It is good to here some positive news from you once again

  6. Slo-Ryd

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    Well God Bless you guys. Its nice to see some positive news and good things happening in fellow HDT members lives. I had no idea you and Steve flew but now the forum name makes sense to me. I flew several times with the crew that owned Looney Tunes (sp?) and it was an awesome experience when I was a member of our local Jaycees chapter during Balloons Over Bristol. Cant quite remember their names but I sure miss them and that event we used to head up. Best of luck and may our Lord continue to smile down upon you guys and your family :)
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    Glad to hear things are looking up for you and Steve.:cheers

    My thoughts and prayers for those who are going through a lot rougher time.
  8. Joyflyin

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    Yes, I do take the time to count my blessings. :) -Even the bad isn't as bad as some have it. The last year was kind of rough, however, we survived and are stronger than before.

    Jack- you are absolutely right. :s

    Al, we have flown balloons for over 20 years now. Steve has flown in several countries for different jobs, flying balloons up to 400,000 cubic feet....That is huge, (roughly 400,000 basketballs)

    I hope to have some pix uploaded soon. Having my desk set back up makes it much easier, however, now, when my husband wants to go do something fun that we could never consider before due to the ankle issue, by golly, I'm off! :D

    It's great to know you guys and gals are here for me.
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    :sAll good now eh, hoping you could help me with this Geko round up here in Florida:p Buggers are taking over :p