March ride to So. California

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    Just completed a four day ride from Tempe, AZ, to Southern California. Had some work done on my Dyna and wanted to be sure all was OK, plus it was time to get out of town.

    Day one was from home through Dateland for a date shake and Yuma to Slab City, a live-and-let-live RV area near the Salton Sea. Photos show the area plus Salvation Mountain where someone painted the side of a dirt hill with his messages. Temperature was 89* through Brawley but cold enough for snow (which was predicted) in Julian.

    Julian is in the mountains and was originally a mining town but now is famous for its apples. Had the best apple-boysenberry pie in years there.

    The next day we headed down the mountain to Oceanside then south to La Jolla. A lot of traffic and the promised storm was moving in. Saw seals and their new pups in La Jolla.

    We spent Friday in San Diego at the Point Loma lighthouse and along the bay through lunchtime then headed east towards home. Stopped at the Desert View Tower overlooking the Imperial Valley. Arrived in Yuma about sunset and stayed over. Met a family from Denmark who was exploring Arizona.

    Made it home just ahead of the storm. Total mileage was 873 at 42 mpg. Gas (91 octane) prices ranged from $4.149 in Yuma to $4.599 in Brawley and Oceanside. No mechanical issues with either bike.

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