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    Is there any difference in manoeuvrability at same speeds between the modern BTw Tourers. From what I understand they share the same chasis which was updated in 2009 but, for example, does the frame mounted fairing of the RG make it very different to steer and manoeuver than the SG or UC and is the un-faired RK an easier bike to handle?

    Would enjoy reading the comments and views of those of you who ride touring models.:hii
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    The key is the ability to drag rear brake in tight maneuvers, friction zone with clutch and look where you want to go. Once mastered its a treat yanking your riding buddies turning around. The best part is all the miles you can log on a bagger with no ill effects.
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    Thanks Smitty. That's the sort of viewpoint I was interested in reading from someone who's ridden a tourer a lot.
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    I've owned all three. RK, RG and EG. Still have the last two. At slow speeds they all handle about the same. Only diference as SMITTY stated is the RG's steering feels much lighter at slow speeds without all the extra wieght on the handle bars. At high speeds, it's just a matter of preference. I too think the RG handles cross winds better than the EG, but think there's just more head wind protection on the EG. Mastering the clutch/throttle control (Friction Point), with use of rear brake, when needed, you can do the same maneuvering on any of the three models. At first they all have a diferent feel, when you go from one to the other. On the RG, I feel like my center of gravity is lower, but that's only becuase of the seats. They're all great bikes offering diferent styling for your taste.