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    i'm not sure who to blame local harley dealer or insurance company. i was told bike was repairable then a week later it was a loss. so i go about picking out a new bike to replace mine. i make a decision on bike and color and even first mods. right before surgery they call and say bike is fixable which makes me happy but i was excited about new bike. i turn my focus to my wrecked bike and healing from surgery and they call back and say we are totalling out the bike. make up your mind please, they think there might be a bend in the neck but they havent even taken it apart. in spite of losing my bike the settlement for the bike is fair. my one concern is that i have to purchase a bike in the next month to get all funds. at earliest i won't be able to ride until fall because of wrist reason for no capitals. i'm thinking about putting a deposit down and ordering a new bike.
  2. HDDon

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    Sorry about the injury, hope all is going well with your recovery. Why do you have to purchase the bike within the next month to "get all funds"?
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    Sounds to me like if theres that much conflict as to wether the bike is a total or not I would rather they just total it, and start with a new one without going through any headaches of a bike that is never right again, what I dont understand is why your settlement hinges on a new purchase, seems to me you should be compensated for any losses you have suffered, and make any new purchases when you are ready to do so.
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    If you were to talk to the dealer, they can go either way when the repairs are close to the totaling of the bike if you let them know your preference.

    Explain to them if you want the new bike that because of your injuries and the warranty period being shortened if you take it immediatly that you will give them a deposit if they hold/store the bike for you till you are able to pick it up and ride.

    If they are a decent dealer they will work with you. If not take the money and go elsewhere when you are ready.
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    hope you heal fast. it it were me i would go the new bike route. if it is fixable then totaled, then back and forth, sounds like it will be a fixed totaled bike to me... Best of luck in this and a speedy recovery.

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    I would opt for the new bike ONLY because that bent neck means the frame tubing has been stressed and alignment will NOT be the same. As Glider says, make your selection and have the dealer hold/store it when you are ready to take delivery. We had another poster that had a similar thing happen and they never got the bike working to his satisfaction...and your kinda "takin' it lying on your back --so to speak, you do not need the added aggravation...JMO.
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    Good luck in your healing process and in getting your new bike.
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    mend quickly & GOD Bless...........
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    I hope the healing goes well and fast. It would drive me crazy them going back and forth like that. Good luck!