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    I am looking to upgrade luggage for longer trips on my RG Ultra. I have the Air Wing rack on the King Tour Pac. Any feedback on would be welcome as I am looking at some longer trips this year. Anyone have any experience with T-Bag or Bagtec?
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    Lots of brands and models so take your time in checking them out.

    I've have 1/2 doz. different T-Bag styles for my different bikes. They have a life-time warranty. I had a zipper opening at the wrong time on my "Baja" bag for the Sportster and they replaced it with a completly new bag. This was after using it for years. No questions asked.
    Great service.

    I have an "Iron Rider" Main Bag for short trips. Holds enough to get me around.

    I used my T-Bag "Dakota" for the 2,000 mile ride to the coast with the Ultra. Held plenty and has two handy places (one on each side) that can hold the passengers drink. She just reaches over her shoulder and there it is.

    Have fun looking.... all part of the purchase.
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    +1 on the Dakota T-Bag. I have a 2006 Classic with a H-D luagge rack the Dakota has attached straps that make securing to the rack a snap, also comes with a rain fly.
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    i bought a set of lid haulers from ride-tek. i can easily fit a good week of stuff in 1 side and the g/f has the other. keep in mind the bag has to fit under the edge of the tour pak. it frees up space in the main bags. i used these on the ultra and took just these 2 bags for a week in canada. did do laundry at the g/f sister's place in canada.
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    I've had T-Bags and Kuryakan luggage but before a road trip last summer I bought the Tour-Pak Rack Bag from HD and think it's the best I've owned. I got the optional shoulder strap so I can carry all my stuff at one time into the motel. It works great for me.
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    Here it is if anyone wants to check it out:

    Premium Touring Luggage Collection - Tour-Pak Rack Bag | Harley-Davidson USA
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    I also agree that the HD Premium rack bag is great. The quality in my opinion is top notch. Fits the wing rack like a glove , e-z on & off and actually looks good on the tour pack. Kinda like it's made for it. Just my 2 cents worth. Happy Trails....