Low power and engine light 2012 CVO

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by DavidCheramie, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I just changed the handlebars on a 2012 CVO Electra Glide. I went out for the first drive because I wanted to test the ABS front brake. I tried @ 10mph, 20mph, when I tried accel quicker to 30mph is when I noticed the low power. I looked and the gauges and noticed the engine light. On the ride back, I tried shutting off the ign. and re-starting but no difference. My question is....What are the possibilities/problems of this issue?
    Any advice is appreciated,

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    Have you pulled the DTC codes for the check engine light ??? If I may ask why were you trying out just the front ABS??? Always start where you finished and work back wards. From what I understand it is very easy to damage the throttle by wire sensor and or connector when replacing bars.
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    Is it possible that you slipped it into parade mode if your scoot has that option?
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    ^^^Not necessarily parade mode b/c it wouldn't engage until motor temps reach the sensor limit(s)^^^

    Agree w/wrenchin on the wiring issue...bad connection, or wire pinched/grounding on throttle side somewhere. Common problem w/bar installs...