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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Big John 57, Aug 7, 2011.

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    My 02 Ultra Classic will loss all electrical power and shut down with no warning. I have changed out 40 amp main breaker, replaced the systems relay switch, cleaned battery cables. The clock and radio stations don't have to be reset they keep there memory. I stop turn my ignition off then back on and this usually restores the power to the bike, bike at first runs a little ruff but will straighten out in a few minutes. Any ideas what to check?
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    Since a re-cycle of the ignition will clear the problem, I would be taking a close look at the ignition switch itself. They swing a bunch of current and it sure can be the problem. What you really want to do is carry a meter with you. When the bike dies, don't touch anything. Check the output of the ignition switch right at the fuse box using the meter. One simple test will tell you where to look and what the problem is.

    Having the bike in that "broken" state is the key. Otherwise you will only be guessing. Yes your working on the bike along the side of the road,,,but that is what it takes not to be called a "shot-gunner".:)
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    I had a simeler problem founf it was the ingnition switch. just a thought . I would lose power to all the gages tac and raido then. then the switch went out all together