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  1. Lawdog314

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    While this isn't a huge issue, it has been somewhat annoying. Installed V&H slip-ons probably 4000 miles ago. Like them but lately I have been noticing the right side has been coming loose where it connects to the exhaust pipe. It has that standard clamp and I have been applying more and more torque to the clamp. The last time I put it to it so hard I was concerned I might crush the pipes!

    Just went out for a quick ride with momma, and it didn't fall off. Forgot to say, the clamp itself is not backing off or loosing on its own. Just wondering if someone might know of something that can be put between the exhaust pipe and the slip-ons that would give it a bit more grip. I don't really have a issue with tightening it every so often, but just don't figure it should need to be.

    Any tips are greatly appreciated! Ride safe,

  2. Jack Klarich

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    Permatex 81878 | Liquid Gasketing Silicone Sealants Try some of this, it will seal up the pipes and the clamps will hold better
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    After a while the clamp will no longer tighten correctly,IE to many times on/off. I'd replace the clamp
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    Thanks Jack and Tourbox! I think I will try both your suggestions. Burnt my paw pretty good a couple of weeks ago tightening it on the road with the way to wimpy wrench in the tool kit. Would really rather forgo that little pleasure again!
    Ride safe,
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    1.) Find a small flat Head Rivet, 2.) Drill bit the size of the Rivet, 3.) notice clamp location, 4.) losen clamp and slide out of the way, 5.) Find the best place to drill a hole through both muffler(Slip on) and head pipe in the center of clamps old location, Drill hole. 6.) Bevel hole a little bit in muffler(Slip on). 7.) Test fit your Rivet and then Grind the Rivet head down till it's allmost flush with the muffler. (Recomend using bench grinder and pliers) 8.) Slide clamp over Rivet and tighten in(or Your favrote postion) the clamps orignal postion.

    Make UP Two or more, one for your other Pipe(slip on) and a pair for your buddy. :bigsmiley23:
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