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    There's been a lot of new members with problems looking for help with the issues they are having with their bikes.

    In order to save much time and get a valuable answer, there is some information needed to properly discuss and solve your issue.

    I have seen many times when someone posts just "the bike is missing, any help would be appreciated" and nothing more.:(

    Then numerous posts as well as questions pursue about what year is the bike ,and the model makes a difference too sometimes, is it fuel injected or carbed, what was the last thing you did before the problem started, how long has it been doing this and when does the problem happen (hot or cold), is there any sort of fuel enrichment done whether it's carbed or fuel injected (tuners) if so what kind, what parts have you changed already trying to diagnose the problem if any, DO YOU HAVE A SERVICE MANUAL, what steps have you taken so far to remedy the problem so we don't recommend the same thing again.
    There's probably much more that I may have missed here.

    My point here is to give ALL the pertinent information about your bike and the issue you are having to make it a bit easier on the people here suggesting what to look for without running the thread up to 30 replies before telling us what you have done so far in an effort to solve the problem.

    Remember this when posting about an issue, the more info you can give us the faster you will be back on the road again.

    Check to see if there is already a post that will give you the answer you need here, the topics are all categorized for easy access...

    Self Help Information and Tips - Harley Davidson Community

    Try a search and you will probably bring up someone that has had the exact same problem as you have...

    Harley Davidson Community - Search Forums

    Please help us to help you!


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    This is some of the best information about this forum. There is so much information on repairs and maint., and so many members willing to help that all you need to do is either search or ask. Like Glider says make sure you give as much info on your problem so others can understand and help.
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    Here's an idea to ponder....

    In your signature area, you can add to that area with the upgrades you have done to your bike. This way when you ask a question that would require tech answers, all the info is there and you probably will get a more accurate answer with that info posted there. We wouldn't have to ask many questions to get the info so you would get a better answer faster.

    Something like this would be a great help...

    Stage 1 intake, XXXX slipons with baffle size or exhaust type 2 into 1 etc, and any fueler or dealer download that is on board and any aftermarket cam.
    Adding the year of the bike would be good too. Fuel injected or carbed.

    Very easy to add using the user control panel/edit signature and it would help a great deal. It would post in every reply you make then.

    Thanks for helping us to help you!
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