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    Greetings, looking to get some ideas on how to prceeed. I own a 2008 Ultra Classic, looking to add true duels, hopefully this will remove some heat from my legs. What I addiontional work will I need to do?

    Also looking to see if anyone else has a Kurakyn Quick Adjust Tour-Pak Relocator. I had this installed last week in Lancoina. The bone head installed guy was in such a hurry at the end of install to get out of there and never went over how to use it. (Great Fathers Day Gift) For some reason I cannot get it to work and it is kicking my butt. On that note so far i like it. I can ride with my back rest in with my wife on the back. She like move it back all the way so I can get use to it and the room.

    Thanks in advance guys,

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    Strange, like Glider said Kuryakyn doesn't have the quick adj. rack on their website, but a google search turned up Kuryakyn instructionshttp://www.kuryakyn.com/documents/installation/8973-21HD-0210.pdf
    You should be able to figure it out from this.

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    The using a FULL stage one and a TFI works on MANY of the members bikes I have talked with... Big improvement..

    The heat thing,,,,, Using TFI made the most difference as LEAN causes Most of the Heat , the tru-dual exhaust Does Move the heat off the right side and you will get Some benefit but the LEAN fuel is the Biggest problem and solved best by the Full stage-one and a good fuel Fueler..

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    On my 07, I have an oil cooler and am running Amsoil 20w-50 full synthetic in all three holes. I also pulled the lowers off for the summer. The oil temperature dropped from a "normal" temp of between 200 and 230° to about 190. The discomfort from the heat on the thighs is pretty much gone. It's right at 10,000 miles now. That's down here in Florida where the outside air temps regularly top 95°. There's only 2 bolts and a clamp to pull the lowers. You'd be amazed how much more comfortable you are with that breeze on your lower body. They'll go back on in the fall.
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    Love this Jax. Florida over Minnesota weather I hate snow:p
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    well i have had my lowers on & off oil temp about same. 220-230 but u do feel more air...
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    Go a head and do the true duel because it will take some of the heat from your legs because you get rid of the rear exhaust pipe that is close to your right leg . A true duel exhaust may not let your motor run cooler but it gets the heat away from your right leg . I know my right leg gets alot less heat because of the true duels . Also you are lucky to have a 08 because it is the last year that the true duel exhaust systems have a true seperation .
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    Adjusting the air/fuel is the biggie along with the Stage I upgrade. I run Rush True Duals along with their slip-ons and I am more than satisfied with their quality, looks and performance.

    If your bike doesn't have the mid-frame heat shields, I would put them on. They not only keep the heat off your legs, they deflect air down toward the rear cylinder and head-pipe.

    As for the adjustible tour-pak - Don't know - My wife said that if she is ever on the back of a bike, it better be taking her to the hospital.