Looking at a 2009 Road Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bobbeidel, May 28, 2011.

  1. bobbeidel

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    Okay all you Road Glide guys, I'm looking at a 2009 Road Glide with some billet chrome, a Ultra Harley Tour Pak with speaker and woofer (quick disconnect) with 2000 miles. Pearl orange, cruise, Rinhart pipes. Can get it for $18000. Will I like the Road Glide and is that a good deal? What do you guys think?
  2. Iceman24

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    Nice bike...KBB MSRP is $16,875 & accessories are pretty much a 'write off" so I say offer them $17K & see how it goes. Nice having the fairing & electronics - especially '09 & newer w/the updated frame. Good luck!
  3. dbmg

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    You have not bought it yet????? You will not regret it.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I think that deal would be good at the 17 figure and maybe a warranty extended like Smitty says. OFFER that first and SEE....

    The 2ooo miles is a big bonus along with the fact it doesn't have the Cats
    (i think) in it...(my 09 FLHR is without cats) BIG bonus if so..

    The tour pack removable plus the exhaust GREAT big Bonus..

    GOOD value even at the asking price BUT the 17 would probably get it and IF you can work the extended in at 17 I''d GRAB it...

    If 18, and extended warranty, That would STILL do it for me...

    Good Luck

  5. vindra

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    I was just shopping for an 09 RG myself. A local dealer had one for $16,500 in great shape. Can't remember the mileage. I started the purchase process, but once I listed the additional parts (and Labor) it would have cost the same as a new one, which is what I went with. 2011 RG Ultra. BUT - the newer RG's have CAT's in the headers. Supposedly now every HD off the line will meet California EPA specs. The cat's cause a lot of heat build up, cut power, and kill the good o'l HD rumble. If I had known that I would have stuck with the 09. Cutting the CAT's out cause issues with how it will run. There is at least one aftermarket dude who makes ceramic coated headers with no cats but retain the 02 sensors, which is probably the way I'll eventually go. Another potential prob on my end is I also went with the HD Super Tuner Pro. Figured I'd let the dealer do the tuning.....that way it's on them if there is an issue. So many guys have problems with the other types of tuners. By me changing out the heads I might run into a warranty issue, but I think my dealer will work with me. I'm going there tomorrow. The heat from the CAT's burned the finish off my black Reinhart 4" slipon's after a 2,000 mile road trip. They are now bare metal, except the end caps are still black. Got to see what they'll do about that too. But th e09 and newer Road Glides are the way to go if you're an open road rider. They cut through the wind and handle great. And you won't park next to 20 of them at your local watering hole.
  6. bobbeidel

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    HOw does the Road Glide fairing compare to the street glide fairing as far as wind deflection and buffeding? Do you need to put a taller shield on the RG ??
  7. Mainah

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    I think the Road Glide feels more stable at speed and the steering is lighter when riding slow compared to the batwing faring bikes. I would recommend a "recurve" windshield either Clearview or Windvest are good choices I have tried a stock height Clearview and a slightly shorter Windvest and chose the Windvest only because I like the shorter darker shield. Not much difference in airflow. Try the stock one and see how you like it first. My 06 shook like crazy at certain speeds and I found myself looking at the top of the shield instead of the road.

    The great thing about any Harley is that there is so much out there you can really personalize the bike to fit your style and needs.
  8. cromedome

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    Like my 09RG, 16K, no issues except the Dunlop 408's cupped badly,at about 5K on the front and 9K on the back, dealer swapped booth under warrenty, and there was a recall on some problem with the fuel line all items covered by HD.
  9. Grillfish

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    Love my 09 RG. I put on lowers, added vents to the lowers, added a taller windshield. No issues running all day at highway speeds now. Then duals, intake and exhaust. No issues other than the CEL coming on. Took a little for the dealer to figure it out, but they replaced some pins in the TBW connections due to fretting and nothing for a yr now. I got a new front tire free, as I told my dealer mine I had the "old" style and started to cup (service bulletin was helpful).

    My 09 non-Cali header did not have cats in it.

    One thing I did add, was the rear fender facia. I had to have it custom painted to match the orange color, as HD would not paint it. The rear facia cleaned up the rear and added run/brake light helps (along with my BAL).

    Good luck on what ever you choose.