Long Live the warranty

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  1. david26

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    Finaly got the $$$ together to get my 2 year extended warranty with about 24 days to spare. So got another 2 years of worry free riding. Seems like the bike ran better the min. I rode out of the dealers parkin lot with new warranty in hand.
    Realy would luv to start doin my own work and turnin my own wrenches on this thing but dont want to start payin for parts till its paid off. So what u gonna do?
  2. dbmg

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    By taking care of maintenance yourself it will allow to see and find possible warrty issues before they become a big problem. So get a shop manual and start turning wrenches.
  3. david26

    david26 Active Member

    I already have done all my own maintenance from day 1 manual was the first thing i bought did my own stage one helped and did a lot of learning putting in the SE cams but whenever i have had probs in the past I have wanted to get the manual back out and take care of it mayself but it anit worth the $$ lost on the parts when the warranty pays for them but wont let u put them in yourself.
  4. Iceman24

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    Good deal - added comfort of coverage is money well spent. I'll be pondering my warranty extension soon too...
  5. Rubyred

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    I do my own maintenance. Have to I bought the bike privately with no warranty and HD won't give me one. So...........
  6. caseyleiser

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    Had a 7 year warranty on my 05 ultra, it paid for itself. It,s up this year, guess I.ll have to buy the new merlot streetglide I see at the dealers. Tough when a warranty runs out.:newsmile01::newsmile01:
  7. ultra...good

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    Everybodys got problems, right? :s
  8. david26

    david26 Active Member

    My only concern is the fact that i do my own mantianance.. I got 90% of my receitpts but my record keepin (EDIT) I know the bike has always been maintained It been abused but well maintained.
    Anybody ever have any hassle from the warranty company over major work needed and your records?

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  9. Trek

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    What does an extended warranty cost these days? Mine is up in August.
  10. One Way

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    I also do all my own maintenance and keep all records of what I have done just incase I needed proof when it came to getting any warranty work done. I have had a few repairs done that actually have totalled up to my warranty costs 2 times over. I have never been hassled or asked for any records of service for any of the repairs. My computer and Idle control quit in Trussville Alabama and was replaced with no questions asked, plus warranty paid for motel and meals because I had to stay overnight ( incase you aren't aware - I'm pretty impressed with HD extended warranty ) The last time I went into Deeley HD in Vancouver B.C. I just turned 104000 kms ( 65000 MILES ) They took it in to the shop, repaired it and again NO questions asked. I think if your bike and oils are in good shape and clean they know you take care of it.
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