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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by franka, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Has anyone had experience using the LMR Oil Spring from Baisley Hi-Performance on a stock Road King, no aftermarket cams? They claim higher oil pressure across the board helps overcome the added stress resulting in quieter valve train and engine. I'm running an 07 Road King w/25,000 miles and the only mechanical upgrades are Stage 1, Freedom Performance Tru Duals, Race Tuner, and Isolated Drive System.
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    From an engineering point of view, I completely agree with the claims: without doing anything to the pump, you can either increase pressure & decrease flow volume or vice versa.
    Increased pressure thru a stiffer spring would then probably improve top end oiling at the cost of low end oil flow...
    If you need more oil volume and/or pressure get a new pump. If your valve train is noisy, try changing type of oil or realign lifters or re-adjust pushrods (if adjustable)
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    I use the lighter of the two Baisley springs in my 05 RK. I also lapped the pressure relief valve to prevent galling and sticking. I performed these actions when doing the late model hydraulic tensioner conversion.

    I examined several several factory oil pressure springs side by side at my dealership and observed varying lengths; leading me to believe that the factory springs may not have the same standard of quality control that I observed in the Baisley springs.

    I also believe that the Baisley spring might clear up a marginally sticking pressure relief valve without having to remove the cam plate and or tensioner.

    I can't imagine a stuck open pressure relief valve being good for the oiling properties of my engine.
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    I'm no engineer, but it seems to me that the decrease in flow will occur at the relief valve as that is where the cicuit has the increased restrition. The pump is a fixed volume pump so more oil will be pushed up through the engine and less will bypass the engine via the relief valve.
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    I also think that the pressure increase is due to a the stronger spring keeping the relief valve closed longer. after 2500 miles I still get approx 50 psi at 3000+ RPM hot.
    before as the oil got hotter the pressure would drop off. the pump puts out the same in either case.