Live long! Ride hard!

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  1. Mz Bling

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    so...... My husband is a health nut. I've dabbled in body building my whole life but I'm not diligent like he is. The last 3 years I put on some pounds... riding, eating, riding , eating , riding.........

    Last year my mom got cancer and I realized I need to be more careful about my choices. I haven't exercised any more than usual but... by not ordering off the menu like I always do, such as fries, ground beef etc... Instead I started to order some veggies, salad etc... and I've dropped pounds like "magic". I cheat once a week and the rest of the week as I ride, I quit eating "socially" and instead I order food with a conscience.

    I love to ride. I'm always a bit sad when I see folks groan and moan off their bikes because they're in pain from too much weight, unhealthy diets etc... (no judgment just the fun life we live that can lead to this....)
    How are ya' all doin'?
    Let's ride longer and healthier! Live long! Ride hard! :small3d026:
  2. HDDon

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    Sound advice, what we need most in our lives is moderation.
  3. wannaride

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    I found out I was type 2 diabetes a little over a year ago. Dropped 35 lbs & did a lot better but have put 8 lbs back on. But I like chocolate & deserts. Still would like to drop another 35 lbs. Ride safe.

  4. lorne

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    promised myself i wasn't going to procrastinate this year. so i am going to do it too. i think i will start tomorrow.
  5. Mz Bling

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    Moderation is the perfect word! It's hard because when riding especially with friends, it's like a constant party out there on the road. Learning that it's about the conversation and not what's on my plate has made a difference. thanks friend! You're absolutely right!
  6. Gezzer Glide

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    Have a friend whose father lost everthing in 4 weeks. Had some blood in his urin. They found cancer, operated, cut eveything out, kemo. He had to quit working, lost his job, lost his house, has a bag on his hip. And he is younger than me. Made me start thinking about how I was taken care of myself. I started eating better, walking 2 miles aday, going up to 4 soon, taking vitamins supplments. This is just a start of a new way of life. I love my family and riding to much to do anything less than take care of myself.....Ride long! Ride hard! Ride healthy!!!:small3d026:
  7. fin_676

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    As i was an infantry soldier for 25 years being in good overall condition was important but since i retired from the army i have gained a wee bit of weight and perhaps slowed down a little but everything i do is in moderation perhaps the only thing i do a lot of is walk the dog a couple of miles every day in all kinds of weather
    take everything easy but do exercise and you will feel better for it

  8. cedarbrook63

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    As the man said "eat less, move more".
    I think the movement has to be of your own making though and not sitting on your bike or in a car etc.:)
    I always find I put some weight on over Christmas (any where from 7-10lbs I suppose) but seeing as I'm about 160lbs usually that's a significant enough change. But once I get back into the habit of not eating between meals I find I stop feeling so hungry. A lot of eating is just habit.
    My problem is that I don't enjoy "rabbit food". I'm too fond of meat and processed carbs. I just have to try to make sure I don't have too much of them.
  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Moderation in every thing I do now, but not when it comes to riding.:p
  10. oldhippie

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    When I ride or drive, since neither leads to using many calories, I tend to stay away from 'heavier' meals and avoid greasy foods as much as possible.

    I try to get in an evening and/or early morning walk to keep things moving.
    So far so good. My last checkup showed no problems with cholesterol (even though I eat ice cream and chocolate to excess much to my wife's chagrin:D).