Little Sturgis (Kentucky)

Discussion in 'Events' started by SpringerSteve98, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. SpringerSteve98

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    WOW... Quite a party. A little more than what i'd bargained for. Lots of freaks!!! We went down Friday and got home Sunday, stayed two nights. Wasn't your typical bike rally. There was a lot of naked guys and girls, some that were just plain freaky. Not a place you'd want to take your kids thats for sure. We had a good time. But some good advice... Stay close to the arenas and vendors, or your camp site after dark. I'm a partier myself... But that was a little much for me. Just my two cents. I probably would have had more fun if my wife wasn't there :p
  2. threesteps

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    I've heard Little Sturgis was way wild. Sounds like you agree.:D
  3. smikey

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    I rode down from Mich and boy was it fun-lots of ta tas-Did big Sturgis last year but if Im goin to party Little Sturgis was far more fun...just remember to bring beads

    one more thing-Those southern folks are some mighty nice people-you really notice the difference-They go out of their way to talk to you and are super friendly-wow what a concept
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  4. dfbales

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    sounds like the june bug boogie in tenn,
  5. Blue Wide Glide

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    It's definitely a good time, if you are into old-school bike rallies:bigsmiley18:. Just remember, the police road-blocks are there every night, and keep themselves busy hauling away impaired bikes and bikers. They don't care what you do, or how much, just don't leave!!:newsmile055:
  6. CIB1Infantry

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    Definitely good advice from Blue Wide Glide!
    DO NOT ride into town after drinking, it will cost you and make the weekend suck!
    It was a blast last year! Don't know if I'm going there this year or the boogie, can't decide!
  7. Wrangler

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    I like Little Sturgis. Awesome time. Father in Law is from there and got a little house we stay in when we visit. Last time I went in 09 the Hells Angels were there selling support gear, had dozens of half naked to completely naked women, and getting stoned. Those guys party 24/7. Concerts are pretty good and parties are wild and fun. Community is supportive of the rally as well. Don't forget to get your buns toasted at Dempseys:p