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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Autonoz, May 13, 2010.

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    My buddies 05 Road king just started making a light squeal and it sounds like it is coming from the primary area. It happens when you run the RPM's up fairly high and then pull the clutch in to shift. It also happens when you run the RPM's up and then let off the throttle. Same light squeal that lasts about one second. I think it is the clutch slippping. he said he just had the clutch adjusted and primary oil changed. Syn 3 as he always uses. Any suggestions? Maybe readjust and different oil.
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    check the rear drive belt is it Dry? or out of adjustment? whens the last time the belt was serviced? Or the clutch taken out and serviced?

    I hear my friends Belt Drive bikes chirpping all the time !

    Harley makes a Poly Lube just for there belt! Hope its that simple!
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    I just read another post about this and think this is what it may be. He had his rear tire replaced just before Laughlin and that is when it started. The mechanic said his drive belt was to tight initially and made it a little looser. Thanks for the reply.

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    Sounds to me the belt is either too loose or too tight, but probably loose. I wouldn't recommend putting anything on the belt until I had it adjusted. Some people adjust theirs by feel, which I have found I don't have the nack for. Look in the back of your service manual and you will find the tool to use to get it adjusted just right and it's not very costly. Don't a have service manual? Put that on your list too.
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    I do not like sounds that come from the primary. Too many bad experiences with the compensator nut backing off!! I suggest two things:
    • Dump the Syn3 from the primary and use a fit-for-purpose fluid like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary
    • Open up the primary and check the torque on the primary nut
    • Adjust the primary chain tensioner

    The new torquing sequence for the compensator nut is not a torque spec., but you can use that to make sure it is tight. If you set your torque wrench to 150 ft.-lbs. and it does not move, you are good here. Worse things happen if the nut backs off enough to let the rotor wallow around!!

    While you are in the primary, re-adjust the clutch following one of the procedures in the self-help section, and adjust the primary chain tensioner if not an auto-adjust version. As mentioned above, refill with appropriate fluid (not SYN3 - in fact get that stuff out of the bike completely!!).

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