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    Anybody here of harley stock or screaming eagle lifters having problems of losing there prime and have to pump up at start

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    I'd use gaterman 1023's or SnS...

    The Motor company has Not been getting well made lifter in for some time.

    The "C" are not the best and that is what is used today by them.

    The older "B" lifters used earlier TC bikes (2011 and down I THINK) were the best in a bike and sold on the market. SO, WHY did they change..?????????????

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    +1 on what Bubbie said.
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    Its all about corporate profit these days. If they can get the new lifters cheaper from Mexico and save some $$$$$, its better for the shareholders. Not good for the ones that buy the product. Will people stop buying HD bikes because of the inferior lifters??? Heck NO!!!!! It's just a sign of the times.
    "Show me the money" :(
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    From 1999 - 2001, Johnson-Hylift supplied lifters to Harley-Davidson...
    Johnson-Hylift designed and produced a special piston and valve body
    to work across the temp ranges and varying oil psi typically encountered
    on an air-cooled engine such as the Harley. Since late 2001, HD has used
    Delphi brand hydraulic lifters. That's why there was a Harley p/n change
    from 18538-99 to 18538-99A and now 18538-99B. However, Delphi did not
    use a 0.655" hi-volume / hi-pressure plunger piston and valve body
    specifically designed for Harley as found in the Johnson-Hylift lifters.
    Instead, Delphi essentially used a small block Chevy lifter. The main
    difference is the Delphi lifter tries to boost the hydraulic psi by decreasing
    the piston diameter, but this leads to a smaller high pressure oil reservoir.
    The volume is too small and allows the lifter to clatter. That may be why
    so many of the late model Twin-Cam bikes are noisy. After doing some
    research AMS learned these Delphi version 18538-99B lifters are made too
    small to stand up to Harley's heavy valve spring pressure. The oil reservoir
    inside the lifter is too small. It doesn't hold enough oil to let the lifter bleed
    off under normal use and still have a cushion of compressed oil to take up
    valve train slack. Note: ALL lifters bleed off during operation and even
    more-so when the bikes sits, engine off.
    This is what Bubbie is talking about:s
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    Any input regarding the SE lifters PN 18568-98 ($259.95) vs. SE High Capacity lifters PN 18572-13 ($249.95)?

    Newer model any better? Funny how the newer model is cheaper.
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    Thanks Jack,,,,, You are right on the BALL and Correct Too....:s

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    So if, essentially the Johnson lifters were specially made for the twin cam , and the Delphis do not have the volume needed to quiet the clatter, would or does that make the valve trains on earlier twin cams quieter than the ones with "B " lifters? I have not seen any info that would confirm or deny this, just curious.

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    That would explain alot, not to mention the fact once H D found a supplier like Delphi to obtain offshore units cheaper well I guess it made the bean counters happy. IMO HD should do their own R and D again like the old days when they had their race team. I think they went cheaper on the TC cases also in the tappet block areas compared to the EVO, this will be IMO a high wear area