lifter noise ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by catfishon, Sep 16, 2010.

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    my bike sounds like its starving for oil , lots of chatter that it didn’t have when I first got it in April.
    the higher the rpm the louder it gets .
    bike has 26k on it and it has a TC 88.
    tried changing oil and oil filter but still noisy.
    bike runs great and im kinda wondering if it could be the timing chain making the noise now ? read somewhere that the chain tensioners wear kinda fast sometimes ? any ideas or help much appreciated

    not sure what i did to post same thing 3 times ?
    maybe the beer done it ?lol but for real id love some ideas .
    i want to add bigger cam but not till i find out the noise first .
    and i really hate to pay $100 an hr for HD to work on it .
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    You need to pop the nose cone off and have a look. Check out the relevant first part of this pictorial to see that part. If bad, you will have to decide, NEW spring loaded tensioners, or an up-grade to the roller-chain conversion or gear-drive.

    TQs Engine Build

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

    Roller Chain Conversion white paper

    Roller-chain Conversion - Harley Davidson Community


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    That is a lot of miles on the old style Shoes that keep the chains tight in the cam area... If they haven't been checked Do So...

    The starving for Oil as you mention should be checked After you look at the shoes... You need to take a Manual gauge to do this. The pressure Cold Oil idle at first start up should go past the 30# mark and after warmed it should be @ about 12/15 lbs at 1050 RPM(idle) Warmed or Hot , the pressure at 2000 RPM should be no less than 25#(probably higher) any lower is low..

    The beauty of the KIT is to get a lot of newer style improvements that will allow the engine to be UPDATED to the modern date from 07 till now at a Very Good $$$$ savings of buying the parts separate..

  4. catfishon

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    so you think the cam chain might be making the noise?
    all i know about any of it is what i read on here. i have rebuilt a few car motors and 2 stroke dirt bikes. but a $12000 bike makes me kinda
    oh yea will i loose all my new oil when i open up that cover?
    i put mobil 1 v twin synthetic in when i changed it and i seems a bit louder with it ?
    thanks agin guys
  5. Hoople

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    As Bubbie said, put a manual gauge on it. Without knowing what the number is, it's nothing but a guessing game.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    The cover is JUST a cover.....It isn't part of the moving parts so it is easy..
    Most of it that comes out (oil) , can be caught in a shop cloth (1/4 to 1/2 cup at most)... HD engines are dry sump, pumping oil Back into the oil tank... You should use a new gasket on the cam cover and torque using the correct tightening pattern.. BUY a BIG HD service manual and forget about it being 12,000$$ do your own work and it will be LESS in a long run.... The Book= piece of cake esp. for a mechanic..

  7. roadking01

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    I would also check the cam bearings specially the inner ones. I had mine granade and had to rebuilt the whole engine.
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    All good advice here I like TQ"s build :s
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    I had 65,000 miles on my 02 flhtc before I had the cam chain tensioner shoes changed. They definitely needed replacing, but everything was still running fine. No noise.. Cam bearings even looked good, however my mechanic replaced the bearings with better ones that had more rollers on them.
  10. Sidetrack

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    my guess if it's getting louder as you rev up is it's the tensioners, but the only way to verify is doing exactly what TQ said, pop off the cam cover and have a look, or have someone do it for ya, either way it should be checked