License plate bracket change=rear wheel off?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by redcad, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. redcad

    redcad Member

    Want to change my stock mount to a laydown.

    Do I have to take the fender/wheel off a 2010 FXDC, or are the 3 holes in the fender actually threads that the bolts go into?

    If there is a way to squeeze my hands in there to take them off, there is no way they are going back on! Gravity and my hands don't work so good that way. Nuts!
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    It can be done, it helps if you have an extra helper to assist you, but it can be done by laying on your back and carefully reach up between the fender and tire:s No threads in the fender on my 07 Streetbob, there are nuts with washers holding the bracket on
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  3. Dswartz

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    It's not nearly as bad as you think. I did mine back in November without any trouble. No need to remove the wheel or anything like that. If you have really large hands and cant fit your hand between the tire and fender the easiest solution would be to unbolt the rear suspension and let the swingarm come down to give you some extra room. I didn't do this step but it is an option.
  4. bwalsh22

    bwalsh22 Junior Member

    Just jack it up to take the load of the rear tire, this will give you the room you need. Easy job overall. Definitely do not remove the fender, worst case follow what DSwartz says.
  5. R_W_B

    R_W_B Senior Member

    Like they said you need to get the bike up and there swing arm down, this will give you more room to work. If you don't have a bike lift though it could be problem to get it up.

    Also I took a 3x4 mirror and laid it on the floor with a small flashlite standing up beside the mirror shining up into the fender cavity. I worked mine from a chair sitting behind the fender while looking down at the mirror. Admittedly sometimes I had to hold the mirror up close with the lite and see what was going on and then put it back down on the floor.

    I wasn't get rid of the rear tag mount position, just had to install a new tag mount that accomodated my HD relocated turn sigs.
  6. redcad

    redcad Member

    Thank you all for the advice!

    A helper would do the trick.
    I "felt up" an FXDC in the showroom on its side stand and there were the nuts!

    If someone worked the top, I could do the bottom with an open end or a small ratchet.
  7. VolBeat98

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    I just pulled mine off to repair the turn signal wiring last weekend and was able to get a 1/4 drive ratchet up in there. Easier than you'd think for sure takes no time at all. Mine sits kinda low and I didnt have have to lift the bike at all to get at the nuts.