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    Until recently i thought that all right side (pinion) main bearings for 99-06 models were the same size. Im getting ready to have my flywheels trued, pinned and welded and replace my main bearings. Its an 02 so i have a timken left (sprocket) side. I was going to use the new updated bearing with a steel cage 24605-07, that is used as an upgrade for both sides on 07+ models. Just realized that the bearing in is almost 1/4" smaller od than bearing for 99-06 A motors 24623-99b.
    Basically i want a right side (pinion) bearing that does not have the plastic cage. Does anyone know of another source for bearings beside HD. A friend of mine has been building engines for years told me he went to a bearing maker and they told him tough luck that that bearing 24623-99b was a one of akind bearing and nobody else makes another.


    24623-99b on left with plastic cage. 24605-07 S.E. updated bearing on right
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    I think an option for you is to ping Chopper a PM and see what he suggests.

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    Thanks TQ.
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    I’ve tried cross referencing the numbers, no luck, as you’ve probably have. You might try giving Mike Stegmann (shop foreman for Latus Motors) a call, he’s done a lot of performance work and might be able to answer your question if anybody can. 1-800-446-2525
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    Those type bearings are called spec bearings. John Deere is one of only many that have bearings made to their specs by contract at bearing company, that means you only get that bearing at JD. Worked for NAPA 10yrs had many, many mad farmers who could get bearing only at dealership at 4-5 times the cost of a bearing that was just a tick off and would not work.
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    Thanks willks. Yeah just found out that hd used to use a bearing w a steel cage but quit using because of the cages was eating away on the rollers. That bearing 24623-99b has been superceeded with in that last 5 years and cannot be remade until 5 years from last supercession occured.