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    Im only posting this to help someone else not make this mistake. This morning i took my bike in to have the Willie G skull collection put on. Then i went for a ride and the bike started cutting out real bad then actually shut down i was stranded on the road. Got my cell phone out and called the Harley shop yes what did you do to my bike, i will not cuss on here but i was on the phone. they very quickly came to get me and the bike.They started to look the bike over. And the problem was OUT OF GAS yeah i feel like a dummy. But my fuel gage is broke so please dont trust your fuel gage. LESSON LEARNED. Thank you TNT harley very good shop.:newsmile026::newsmile071:
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    A lesson well learned. Always check the basics first. Buy the service department pizza for lunch and buy some more parts from the parts department. This will help them forget very quickly......:newsmile071:
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    No reserve ????
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    All the more reason to do your own wrenching.
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    setting the trip meter to 0 every time i fill up tells me when i need to fill up again

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    The pizza a good idea, I've done this a couple of times just because of the way they always treat me like a friend. You might offer to take the person you had on the phone out to lunch. Believe me every dealer no matter how good or bad has heard their share of rants, but they always remember someone who follows thru with a careing jesture.

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    I had to laugh as I read your story! Not many would have admitted their oversight.
    Kinda reminded me of one of my very first rides on a street bike. My uncle bought a super nice bike and was kind enough to offer me a chance to try it out. Like any 'normal' young fella, I went further with my test drive than I should have! And then it happened........ blahhhhhhhhhhhh.... I coasted to a stop! I tried and tried to kick it back into life and not so much as a sputter. Well, thinking (?) like a teenager, I decided to start pushing it homeward so when he came looking for me (his bike! :p ) it wouldn't look like I had ridden it THAT far. I live in the mountainous area of upstate of NYS and soon I was drenched in sweat, my heart was pounding and my legs were shaking. As I kneeled down in the cool grass along the road, I noticed something - "Wonder what that little spigot-looking thing on the bottom of the tank is?" I soon was on my way and stopped to put a gallon of gas in so I wouldn't seem like a total putz! I never did tell my uncle why I was gone so long! *LOL*

    That day, I TOO, had a 'Lesson learned' !
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    The guy that came to get me actually ran to the gas station and got me some gas i tipped him 20 dollars for his trouble, he didnt want to except it but i insisted he did. And yes i love the pizza idea, think i will . Im sure they are all laughing there butts of at me.

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    Probably NEVER thought to turn it to Reserve as he Never thought it to be a gas problem.. ???? you think???

    Only close story for me was when the Vacuum tube came OFF the pet cox on my FXDS 2ooo...

    Time I syphoned out gas on my peanut tank sport for the lawn mower and bumped off the High tube for reserve and ran out of gas. Now that was smart.

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    That is one of those "open mouth and insert both feet". HAHA. we have all done something like that in the past. Just make it up to the guys and all of yall can have a big laugh about it.