Left Blinker comes on by itself?? o8 St Glde

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Bob Chase, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Bob Chase

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    Had the bike in FL Keys last winter and got caught in a rain storm-left blinker kept coming on by itself and you can sometimes turn it back off with the left but most times activiating the right twice stops it and other times it goes into the flasher mode-

    Anyway got the bike back to MI and it stopped for a couple months-now it is back with a vengence!

    left switch has been replaced
    new blinker module did not cure (no security on this bike)
    all bulbs replaced/all wiring checked
    dielectric grease added

    Been back to my mechanic now for the fourth time-he thinks he got it fixed and it starts again!

  2. TripleJ

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    Have no ideas for you yet but a couple questions. Have you checked for any diagnostics codes since this started and if so what are/where they and do the same ones return?


    When the left signal comes on is it flashing like it normally would or is it staying lit up constantly? Also does it cancel out like normal or continue to stay on until you activate the right switch? Last question, when you say it sometimes goes into flasher mode, are you saying all turn signals are flashing as if the hazard lights have been activated?
  3. Bob Chase

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    Only one on the odometer right now is a r 226
    It was at the HD dealer for the module change so I assume they looked for codes

    It always flashes normally/Sometimes you can press the left switch
    and cancel but most tiimes not/Most times pressing the right switch twice stops it sometimes for a hour other times a few seconds/ Yes other times it gos into flasher mode and pressing both left and right cancels it
  4. Hoople

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    The only manual I have for your year shows the wiring for a TSSM not a TSM but maybe this will help.

    Look at the schematic for the TSM connector. Locate the pins which are labeled "Right turn signal input" and the "left turn signal input". In my case (TSSM), the schematic show this to be Pin 7 and Pin 8.

    Disconnect the TSM connector. Turn on the ignition. Take your voltmeter and measure the voltage on pin 7 and on pin 8 (or which pins apply to your TSM). In both cases you should read Zero (0.0) volts. When you press a turn signal switch the voltage should read 12V to the pin which matches the button you pressed. (my case pin 7 is right and pin 8 is left).
    When you release the button, the voltage should drop to zero. Check both side.

    I have a feeling you going to be reading some voltage (1-2 volts) when the button is not pushed.. Check back with what you find.