Leather or Textile?

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by cedarbrook63, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. cedarbrook63

    cedarbrook63 Junior Member

    Just curious so I'll throw this one out there:
    What sort of clothing do members prefer to ride in - leather, cordura/fabric?? What do you think of the armour products you can buy these days for pretty reasonable prices?:)
  2. STEVE07

    STEVE07 Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderators

    Weather permitting ,I prefer jeans and a t-shirt
  3. M' one.

    M' one. Active Member

    What ever day to day clothes I'm wearing is usually what I ride in, I do have good water proof textile gear for when the weather turns bad and like all of the newer gear it does have some body armour built in which I'm sure will protect your skin from peeling off if your unfortunate enough to slide down the road, do'nt think its going to stop any broken bones if you suddenly come to a stop! Always wore good gloves and boots, experience taught me that. Over the years I've just accepted riding a bike is risky, I know the modern protective gear makes sense and would never object to any one using it but for me it makes riding my bike too "clinical" - for want of a better word.
  4. Clint

    Clint Active Member

    I've picked too much gravel out of my hide not to wear protection now, I don't heal like I used to.

    I prefer leather, Langlitz and Wesco
  5. wolfshead1

    wolfshead1 Member

    Man's right about the gravel.Nothin beats leather for posin and nothing beats textile for wear and dry.I have couple each none real expensive but name brand.Get a good golf jacket,leave it in the bike and wear it under your leather and textile when cold and raining it really helps.
  6. brderj

    brderj Active Member

    I prefer leather...in the summer I will wear a cotton button shirt and maybe a vest. I usually can always find an excuse to wear the vest though, lol.

    I like leather, the smell, the feel, the look. Oh yeah, it protects pretty good to I guess.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Leather is much more protective due to the random pattern "modulus" verses sewn fabric which "runs" when abraded. That said, comfortable cotton street clothes (not polyester or the like) works best to "wick" away sweat and "breathes", and is certainly more comfortable once the ride stops. Some of the new "Ballistic Textile" jackets do offer a measure of protection and style, certainly better looking "fashion-wise" and can be quilted or lined over cotton or canvas wear, but they do "heatup & melt to a degree" adding insult onto injury regarding "road rash" and are priced about the same maybe 20% cheaper than equivalent leather, but the selection is purely up to the rider when all is said and done...JMO
  8. krikket

    krikket Active Member

    I generally wear jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket or vest. I guess I'm a leather person, but I've never tried anything else. I suppose once this jacket wears out, I will see what's out there. Gotta keep an open mind thanks to technology!!
  9. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    I've got the HD textile/mesh jacket with some armor I wear when it's above around 65 or 70 degrees. Colder than that I wear my leather jacket with a zip out liner.
  10. cedarbrook63

    cedarbrook63 Junior Member

    I have a really nice HD leather jacket with inside pockets for some armour. I really like those Draggin jeans too - they good on or off the bike and from what I've read, they're handy in a slide too. I have some Knox knee armour that just sits in there velcro-ing to the kevlar. With good boots, that's my fav set up but if it pees rain then ya get wet! But look - if we're going worry too much about getting too insulated from everything, we might as well stay in the car. I have some mates who swear by the Cordura stuff tho' and Hobbit's walking around unscathed to prove the point.

    Deep down, there's just something about leather and motorbikes :devil :D