Leather Bag Inserts

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by USAPL09, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. USAPL09

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    Has anyone had the "stiffener" inserts installed in leather saddle bags? I have a 2009 Heritage Classic with the leather bags... this weekend I was talking to a guy that suggested I look into the "boss bag" system... or in no time my bags will be junk. I looked into it and they run $200... which I would pay if it ment keeping my bags looking new... any input?
  2. Crazyfrog

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    My dad has them in his 06' Heritage, and they look like brand new. I have seen some bags that within 1 year look like they are ready to fall off the bike.
    Take a look around the net and on ebay. There are numerous bag stiffners out there for less than $200. But the nicer ones I'm sure will hold up better.
  3. RUSHMORE_14

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    Try Papabags.com. I saw this guy at the bike show in NYC this winter. Nice guy.The product is pretty cool. Just a couple of bars and installation is a snap. Just ordered mine. Cost is pretty much the same
  4. gasbag

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    I just installed Got Saggy Bag's product in my 06 Heritage bags and it made them look new again. They cost $125 and are worth every penny.

    They were very easy to install except for the front stiffener. After about 5 minutes of excruciatingly painfull thinking, I don't think too often if I can help it, I figured out an alternate method to install them and it was done. Took me about 1/2 hour per bag.
  5. dhorne

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    I put in the saggy bags and was very impressed, took around a half hour per bag , i recall paying 75 bucks for them on ebay.....