Leaking tires/rims

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by derekmelly, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Help! My Road Kind Custom's front tire keeps deflating. It loses about 1.8 bar over 2 ten days. My local dealer says it is not the valve of a slow puncture so it must be my wheel, which is a solid rim with tubeless tire. We have tried a new tire but the problem is the same. Can anyone help as the Dealer is mystified? Cheers Derek.
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    Hello the valve might be ok,but the valve stem gasket could be bad,and just replace the valve. I was woundering if you might have hit a pot hole at sometime you could have warped the rim or you could have a foreign object some were around the beed of the rim like a small stone or sand. Check your rim and good luck .

    If this dose not work take the rim and hold it in water in the bath tub and not the whole rim at once. You don't want to get greese all over the tub or the Misses will get mad at you LOL, and you will find the leak.
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