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    Laconia Bike week begins this weekend and I was wondering, If you go, where do you stay while up there? And what do you do during that time?
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    Went for many, many years. Used to stay at the Lakeview Motel (now named something else) on Tower St, which is just up the hill from the Lakeside Ave. Lakeside is the main gathering area in Weirs Beach.

    We did a lot of riding, kangamangus highway, over to Maine for lunch, up Littleton, over to Vermont. We did that during the day. Then would come back, clean up and walk down the hill to Lakeside and walk around. The Weirs Drive-in was also a go spot to go look around, lots of vendors.

    We also went to the races. Both the sportbike (gasp!) and the hill climb.

    It's been a few yesrs since we went, but there plenty to do.