Know I made the right call...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Jun 9, 2012.

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    ..when I'm inside a restaurant staring at my scoot in the parking lot. Bought my bike new in 2008, almost had it five years. She's got some scratches on the tank, a small gouge in the tour pack (wife didn't close the lid properly on one of our trips) and a scratch on the lid of the left saddle bag (wife again!!).

    As you can tell, my bike has some wear and tear on it, she ain't no garage queen. I just rolled over 29k today while coming back from a church function. Stopped at Zaxby's here in town for a bite to eat and made sure to park the bike where I could keep an eye on her. I found myself staring at her while waxing nostalgic about the many trips the wife and I have taken. Four trips to NC (three to the BRP and one to Cape Hatteras), a trip to Key West, innumerable trips to St. Augustine and too many to count to Anna Maria Island. All the trips have been great fun and the bike ran flawlessly every mile.

    My bike runs as strong today as the day I bought her and I swear I like her more today...guess she's proven herself to me.

    Yea, I know I made the right call.
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    Just tonight a friend of mine told me he was thinking of changing from HD to BMW.. He has his reasons etc..

    I told him that the "spirit" of an HD can't be found with any other bike.

    It's wonderful to read about the relationship and admiration you have developed for your madhine.

    Enjoy it
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    My best friend rides nothing but Hondas and has said he's glad he's not a Harley addict like myself. Well he has a softail rental reserved for an outer banks trip this summer. I tried to tell him he'll come home and kick his Honda

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    Definitely 2009, then I upgraded to my FLHX, I knew this was my dream scoot. We know every nic, scratch, spot & ding, but all are good memories of HD ownership. Was admiring the bike yesterday when I had it all tore apart swapping tuners (fm TFI to GEN3) and it was so fun wrenching & pampering the areas I normally can't clean (under seat/tank). We really do take "pride in ownership." :D
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    over 50,000 now on my 07,I almost dealt it on a new one last year but decided to keep her.
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    Have a client that hit a dog in Mexico on his BMW, broken leg and rotator cuff injury. Said you can't ride touring bikes down there, he has a Gold Wing too, but I thought My Road King would have a much better chance of punching it out with a dog.
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    Just a little over 43K on my 2010 UC. Just having a ball, must have made the right call. First Harley also.
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    I went with a BMW for a while. Put 66,000+ miles on it and all the time said to myself, it ain't no Harley. Notice I'm back on a Harley though!:D
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    Traded-in my 07 Ultra for a 2012 FLTK on a whim. Kinda wish I didn't, I really liked that bike! Enjoy it for as long as you can!