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    have had 2 arthroscopic surgery's in last 10 months on same knee from 2 different surgeons along with all the other stuff [cortisone shots,high powered pain pill, physical therapy] you name it we have tried it, now they tell me arthritis has set in and i need a knee replacement.have only rode a couple of short ride this yr since i never know when the knee will just give out and i fall. just wondering if anyone out there has had knee replacement and if you were able to ride again somewhat comfortably.this has really knocked me for a loop not being able to work,ride,hunt or fish.thanks to all and just looking for some hope.
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    I had one knee replaced in 09. Glad I did it, was bone on bone. I think i was back to work in about 8 weeks. I think I was riding again about the same time. I heal fast and push myself pretty hard in Therapy. Stay on top of the pain management. Know when you can have your pain meds (some places will wait for you to ask for it as apposed to when it is time for them. Try to take your pain meds 30 minutes or so before therapy.
    Good Luck
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    Had both of mine replaced about 8 months apart, 05 and 07 I think. Still doing very well. The newer, fully articulating replacements are the way to go.

    As mentioned by 03ultra45385, therapy will play a most important part of your recovery. Do therapy as if your life depended upon it because the quality of your life will, I know people who have had the surgeries and did not fare very well because they did not work at the therapy hard enough.

    I was not riding when I had mine done but did play a lot of golf, I was back playing within a month of both.

    Good Luck:D
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    thanks for the encouragement ,something like this sure does not the wind out of your sail
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    With patience and proper care along with listening to the Doctor and not over doing it, you should be just like new....:s
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    Keep your head up brother. I am still fairly young, I guess, I'm just now at 30 developing knee pains, (but that's after 8 years in the Army). I can tell you, however, My father had a knee replacement done back in the early 90's, and he is doing Just fine now. He just turned 51 and He is still able to get out there and work hard manual labor, ride, run and exercise. (but he don't care too much to exercise anymore, lol) But fact is, His knee is doing well 20+ years later. Stay in the game, don't become dependent on the pain meds,(than can be an issue in itself) and work hard to adapt and overcome and you will be fine.
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    I'm 61 years old and had my left knee replaced 6 weeks ago today. The joint pain is gone, but I still have a little pain due the the healing process. Every day is a little better. I hope to return to week within the next couple of weeks. As others have said, physical therapy is your friend and be diligent about it. I'm looking forward to having the right knee replaced as it also is bone-on-bone.
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    thanks again for the encouragement and you dont have to worry about me and the narcotics i have only tried them a couple of times with my shoulder surgery and the 2 knee surgery's and we just dont get along LOL i sure see how people get hooked on them though, they sure dont want you in pain and i havent had a decent nights sleep in over a yr but have seen the effects of them on other people and i Refuse to let that happen to me . right now they have me on a drug called vimivo 500mg naproxan 20 mg prilosec all in 1 pill 2640.00 for a 60 day supply and extra strength Tylenol 3 times a say i look forward to surgery is a under statement.
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    You guy's are an inspiration to many who think that it may be over for them. Keep on goin gentleman, keep on goin!
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    I had my right knee replaced 20 months ago and my left knee done this past April. I was out of work only 30 days each time. I have Stryker Get Around knees on both sides.

    I had mine done in a hospital unit dedicated to joint replacements. The care was excellent. They had us up and walking the next day. No motion machines. I had therapy twice a day while in the hospital and every other day while I was home.

    I have a rocking chair I would sit in and rock to bend the knee after surgery. The left is back to about a normal bend with minimum discomfort. My right went from 85 degrees bend before surgery to 120 degrees after the replacement.

    The rocker works. But part of it is the amount of dedication you (meaning pain tolerance) have to bend it after surgery. Ice, ice and ice some more after therapy or moving around. If it feels sore, ice it. I have a weird tolerance for knee pain because of a right knee tibia plateau fracture, with external fixation, 14 years ago. So I was off the pain meds 3 days after coming home. But take them if you need them. And take it before the pain gets bad to keep it under control.

    Don't be surprised if after you have the one done, you need the other replaced. Your bad knee becomes your good knee, what was your good knee may become your bad knee.

    Do it! But don't expect to be up and doing normal stuff the first month. Best of luck to ya!