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    I was wondering if enyone out there has gone through this before. ( I'm sure there is ). I've been having problems with my knees for quite some time, and was told I had arthritis. Well about 7 weeks ago my left knee gave out on me while walking down some steps and I thought I pulled a muscle. Went to the dr. and he wraped it in support bandage and told me to pack it with ice. Went back to Dr. for follow up 2 weeks later and it hadn't gotten any better. I had a MRI and found out I had a torn meniscus. I haven't been able to ride for the last 7 weeks and now I need to have surgery. Has anyone had this surgery before and how long does it usually take to heal before you can ride? It's been a real bummer !
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    Unlike the old days when they opened up the whole knee, they can now usually do the surgery arthroscopically. Just some little holes and some little tools on long rods. I stayed awake during most of mine because I wanted to see it done but most people are put under general anesthesia. I was up and walking the same day. Did all the recommended exercises beginning the same day as the surgery and had full range of motion and no problems within a week. The secret is doing the exercises. It is so nice to be able to swing your leg over the saddle again and get on the bike. Best of luck on the surgery.
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    My wife is a cardiac tech in a local hospital. One day she was going up some stairs when her knee gave way and she almost fell down the stairs. She also had the torn miniscus. Had the arthoscopic surgery. Two small holes on either side of her knee. Operation took about an hour. She was supposed to be home for 6 weeks, but she's an 'Eveready Rabbit' and couldn't sit still that long. She went back to work in 3 weeks. She was very deligent about doing the physical therapy and excercises. It's been 2 months since the operation and her knee is totally back to normal with only tiny little marks where the operation was done.
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    I agree with Jim, I have had 3 knee operations, tore the underside of the knee cap off was the worst, felt like kneeling into a rotting grape fruit after the first op. but that was back in 96, second time was to do clean up, 7 yrs ago did some cotterizing and has been very good, do get some clicking and snapping after sitting for awhile. the right knee I tore off some bone and cartalige, had to push it back into the knee until I had the operation told the doc it felt like the size of an eraser, sure enough it was. That was about 5 yrs ago and have had very little problem with it. So get er done and do what the doc says, and don't over work it, don't kick anything, and try to stay off the stairs for as long as poss. no twisting the knee also, going in for a redo is no fun. when your back on the bike, try not to push it backwards when sitting on it, and work on the soft and easy stops as you put down your left foot. You will make improvements as you go, and find to be better as you heal, remember you have all winter to get close to normal

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    Both knees done with arthoscopic, both as a result of high school football. Did the rehab and made it through college football without a hitch, until I tore my MCL 75% of the way my senior year. Basically do the rehab and strengthen the quads as much as possible.
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    Thanks, I feel a little better. I was told that I wouldn't be able to work for 6 weeks after the surgery, and shouldn't ride for a good while after that. I would like to get some riding in before the cold weather sets in.
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    My right knee has been operated on 7 times. three total replacements. Original surgery was medial menicus removal. That was many years ago. .now days they just remove the broken piece using a very small incision. I've had two of the arthoscopic and was back at work in 10-14 days. I was a electro-mech troubleshooter in a factory.
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    Sorry to hear about your knee problem Soulshaker, hope it doesn't take any time away from your music :guitar. The recovery time will completely depend on the amount of damage done to your knee and the skill of the surgeon; as well as (previously stated) your diligence at keep up with your physical therapy. You can't control the amount of damage any more, so, pick the right surgeon (ask around) and, well, the rest is up to you.

    Good luck in your recovery - the nice thing is you can recover and you hopefully know what you did to this knee to prevent doing it to the other :small3d015:

    Take care, I bet you will be riding very soon!! :s

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    Sorry to hear about the knee. I know people who have had arthoscopic knee surgery and haven't felt better, but........Heres my HORROR story....

    I have had 3 arthoscopic surgery's on my left knee, and it's still messed up....Originally tore the meniscus while working (squatting) under an F/A-18 while on active duty....had surgery, did the physical therepy and was feeling really good:)....I was supposed to be on "light duty" for about 6 weeks....well after 4 I couldn't take anymore sitting around in the shop, so I decided to go help my Marines pull an engine out, squatted down and was "duck" walking backwards guiding the stand under the plane and "SNAP" tore the meniscus and partially tore the patellar tendon......the second and third surgeries were with the same surgeon as the first, but the outcome wasn't....When I woke up from the second, I was in severe pain, they shot me up with morphine and sent me home...:31:...Did the physical therepy, but it always hurt, so after another MRI, did the third surgery....Felt ok, but just couldn't do what was required of me as a US Marine, so I was placed on Disability Retirement:(........I have had MRI's of both knees and they are still messed up and need surgery, but I'm going to wait as long as possible, because as you can see I don't have much luck and am too young for a knee replacement as was mentioned by the surgeon.....

    However, I did ride my bike a few weeks after each surgery, and still do....I do have to get on it on the "wrong" (as some would say) side..I have learned how to get on/off and stabilize with very little to no pain, as you will learn....In fact I have less knee/back pain on the scooter than I do in my truck (good thing I can ride year round down here:D)

    I guess the meaning of my horror story to you is, be careful, pick the best surgeon around, the best physical therapist, and most of all, don't rush into overworking that knee as I did, take your time, if it starts to feel "just not right" DON'T DO IT!.......:)

    Anyway, Best of Luck to you:D, and I hope you do not "enjoy" the fun I have had with my knees
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    You are getting great advice here. The main thing after surgery is to do the rehab and exercises. Almost 25 years ago I had both knees done orthoscopically to repair torn menicus, old college injuries. I was up and about the next day and started in with going to PT and exercising at home. Back playing golf in 3 weeks, unfortunately my game was not as good as Tiger's.
    In 2006 and 2007 I had TKR. First on the left, and then the right. Only 2 days in the hospital and I was amazed they got me up walking as soon as I woke up. The surgery was extremely sucessful.
    I bought my first ride in August of 08 and my second in Feb of 09. I don't really feel I have too many limitations, I have complete movement, play a lot of golf (still not as good as Tiger), I just don't do any high impact sports.

    Good luck with your ordeal, I'm sure you will find it's not as bad as you fear, modern medicine is amazing.