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  1. 75 dan

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    i have a 1975 sportster and have a hard time to kicked start when it cold what the trick
  2. R. Lewis

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    A little bit more info on this --- any mods,High comp.engine, cams,stock starter ??????????????
  3. hobo55

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    For mine I've always found -turn the gas on -open the enricher or choke-one or two blips of the throttle-kick through slow with the key off - turn the key on and give it a whirl.
  4. silentflyer

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    I had a 69 kick start Sportster years ago, good plugs, a high out put coil, make SURE the timming is right. If you still have points you may want to think about one of the aftermarket "pointless" ignition modules. And last but not least, a HEAVY good pair of boots....the thing almost broke my foot more than once........
  5. chips

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    I had a shovel wide glide once and my routine for starting was:
    Ignition off, open fuel tap, two full throttle squirts to get some juice in the intakes, hold throttle open and give two full kicks, close throttle and get pistons to the top of compression, (if cold, choke full on (S&S carb)) ignition on.

    Funny thing is, if I had things just right, it would fire up when I turned the ignition on and people would just stand there and wonder how I did it. More than not though, one kick with the ignition on and she'd start every time, cold or not.

    Only problem with the shovel was bits used to fall off all the time and I couldn't feel my hands feet or backside after 100 miles.
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