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    my 01 electrig-glide classic starting acting up in daytona this past weekend 4 ways would flash when i turned on key figured it was the battery made it home fired it up tuesday to go get battery and local shop i don't normal use the checked stator because gauge was only showing 10-12 volts stator shot hd says stator,137.00 battery,129.00 and voltage regulator 215.00 three hours labor.but you look in cataloge chrome voltage regulator 168.00 but they say won't fit mine!!wondering if they are feeding me some bull??
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    Marty, Harley don't show a Chrome voltage regulator for your bike but they do show a chrome cover, Part # 74543-00 for $38.95.
    Not to say ya can't get one, might be some aftermarket stuff avalible too.
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    ya i know book don't go back that far but it shows one for 04-09 chrome for 168.00
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    Marty; I just did a quick look up on parts bandit. The stator and regulator prices are within $2 of what you were quoted. I don't know why the reg. is so high for a 2001 flht.
    Search around and see what aftermarket ones cost.
    I lived off of Wabash (by Publix whse.) for a while in '75.

    I just saw some on Bikerhaven and Debrix for $88 and $103 (never done bus. with either)
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