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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by astrorock, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. astrorock

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    Hay guys, i was wondering if anyone can help me.. i just pulled her out of storage and she doesn't seem to have the same get up and go that she had when i put her away.. there are no major issues like bogging or missing, just seems to run a little rough at times and there seems to be a loss of power.. about 7-10HP

    i topper her off and added fuel stabil in november, ran it into the carb and then drained the bowl.. i pulled the battery and started my cosmetic changes for the spring..

    when i started her about a week ago (after getting some fuel into the carb) she fired right up. she doesn't seem to idle very high at startup (choke pulled) and the low idle seems lower than i remember. i ran about half of the old fuel out of it and put some fresh 93 in.. the temp outside is still around 45*...

    sorry for the long post!! thanks!!!
  2. Chopper

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    Usually takes a few tank fulls to get her felling herself.
  3. oldhippie

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    I agree. Gas looses it's punch after a couple months. In my past bikes, I'd drain the old gas out and refill with fresh. Draining also helped with getting any junk out of the tank so my fuel filters would last longer. Don't know if I'll be doing that with my Ultra though, not as simple as just taking off hose clamp and pulling the hose off..
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  4. Big Rol

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    Good excuse for a nice long ride, gotta burn that old gas out of her.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Try a little sea foam in the tank it aint going to hurt, and maybe clean up some of that crud in the fuel system
  6. dfbales

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    Ok , what is sea foam?
  7. Slowrider

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    Seafoam is an additive that you can add to fuel and/or oil to clean up carbon deposits and build ups of vanish. I have used over the years as a fuel additive but never have used it in the oil. There may be others with experiance using it in the oil.
  8. astrorock

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    yea you guys are right, the temp got up to about 60 today and i took her for a good ride with a half tank of new gas and some of that fuel cleaner/ octane booster (EDIT) that HD sells (dont remember the name it's in a black bottle with an eagle on it) but she is already running better.. i think that the octane dropped a lot over the last 3 months..

    i put it away with 91, i have a hard time finding 93 around my house.. next year i think i'll fill it with 103 racing gas.. it should keep longer,,,
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  9. wilks3

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    Don't use race gas for storage, it will spoil sooner with worse results. Use Seafoam.
    Have used Seafoam in crankcase of every engine I've owned, helps keep inside really clean and gunk free.
  10. astrorock

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    why does race gas spoil sooner?? i thought it was a more pure fuel??