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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bombnut, Apr 28, 2010.

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    I just had my first service done on my 2010 road King, and went ahead and had supertrapp slip ons a big sucker and a power comander instaled as well. I can see the baffles in the slip ons and it looks like they are just held in by the end cap screws, can I pull those baffles with out a big power issue. Also how do I lower the idle to get the famous "potato potato potato ....BBBLLLAAATT sound?
  2. glider

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    Don't do either of what you mentioned. The baffles are necessary to run properly especially after being tuned. The lower idle would also be a mistake. The FI bikes need the higher idle (950-1050) to keep the battery up as well as the oil pressure too.
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    You wont like that bike after you do that and it wont like you for doing it
  5. quadancer

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    You CAN go one route or another by putting an oil pressure regulator spring pin in as I did which makes the spring push harder on the relief piston, or get the stiffer spring (brain fart; it is a...Bates?...somebody help me here) which will make your cold idle pressures in excess of 60 lbs, your hot running pressures over 40 lbs. and as far as I can gather, no damage whatsoever.
    That said, with your lighter aluminum flywheels or whatever all else they put in these modern engines, you AIN'T GONNA GET the infamous potatoe unless you revert to an Evo motor or worse, earlier.
    We just learn to live with 1000 rpm idles and the occasional stall, regardless. I'd love for someone to correct me; I've been searching for the last two years.
  6. NELS

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    Baisley spring or put a washer from a rivet in the end of the spring to raise oil pressure.