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    I'm pretty new here, and just recently bought my first HD, a 2008 Road King Classic. It's black with some decent upgrades,like chrome lower forks and switch housings, hand levers, light trim rings and lay down plate, bar and shield style floorboards and pedals,etc. with less than 8000 miles on it. I love it, but I worry.
    I know that the jiffy stand has a mild lock when it is in the fully down/forward position, but I always feel like the bike is gonna move forward, the stand roll up, and bike go down. Anybody else get this uneasy feeling?
    Is it my imagination? I find myself always checking, and tugging on the back of the bike to make sure that the stand is still fully forward.
    The bike going down is a nightmare for me.
    Is there anything I can do to put my mind at ease? Does anyone have any info or suggestions for me?
    Thanks in advance; Dan
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    There is substantial movement from the bike when on the stand and it is an uneasy feeling when the bike moves an inch or two when it's on the stand. The possibility of a bike falling when the stand is fully deployed are nil but they can roll on the stand if the trans isn't left in gear on an incline so don't worry too much about the bike just falling over as long as the stand is fully deployed.
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    Jiffy stand's solid...gotta worry more about poking through soft tar in summertime. Make sure you park on concrete, or have a stand puck...
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    The jiffy stand works great. One thing I do is when I put the jiffy stand down and set the bike on it I look down to make sure the tab goes between the locks. In other words I just make sure the stand is all the way down. No worries.
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    Most times that I get off my Electra Glide, it moves an inch forward. It always makes my heart skip a beat. I have seen some bikes take a pretty hard hit when on the jiffy, and never seen one fail.
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    Welcome to the forum Dango678.
    Took some time for me till I trusted the jiffy stand (Much different than the stand on my KZ900). Moved around a lot till it "locked" into place. Just like the others have posted, now I don't give it a second thought. Bike has never fallen off stand. Icemans comment on getting a puck is well worth looking into. Helps spread the weight on the stand.
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    +1 on all the above posts, they said it all.

    Things to remember from them.
    1. Leave the bike in gear when parked so it can't roll forward (or backward) on incline.

    2. The weight of the bike is what HOLDS the stand lock.

    3. It is more stable with the front tire turned left than right.

    4. If parking on asphalt in hot weather, bring a piece of plywood or something about 3" round or square in your bags. The jiffy stand can sink into hot asphalt and drop your bike.
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    Like the others I have never!!!had a jiffy stand fail if fully deployed.
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    Due to previous experience with side stands on some brands of motorcycle not always being stable i always ensure i park my bike with the nose pointing up hill although i have no worries with the Harley side stands old habits die hard
    The left saddlebag is the home of the jiffy stand coaster

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    Two years ago I was at a function at a HD dealer with friends in HOG. I went around the showroom admiring the bikes and decided to sit on a Road King. Keep in mind I had never been on a HD before, anyway when I put the bike on the "jiffy" stand it started to roll forward. My Roadstar did not roll forward so you can see how this scared the (edit) out of me.
    I stood by that bike for 10 minutes just in case it fell over and everyone would know I was a doof.
    Now I know better, but then it wasn't so funny

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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