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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Porter, Mar 19, 2010.

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    I just got my replacement headers back from JetHot. I had a cracked rear header that I welded because it took a few months to get new ones from Zannotti's (back ordered). I only needed to replace one part, but decided to get all three pieces for my 07 UC and get them ceramic coated. I went with the "brushed aluminum" finish.

    As far as the quote:
    $190 for the coating, inside and out on all 3 pieces.
    $50 for stripping/etching the chrome off (they said you could do this yourself and save some $ but I figured I would let them do it because I didn't want to get into a warranty issue by making sure the suface was "properly prepared")
    Return shipping was $28.

    They gave me a $19 discount just because I asked if there were any coupons. There was a $50 internet coupon but it only applied to >$250 worth of coating (not stripping or shipping), so that didn't apply. That was nice. Plus it cost me $20.37 to ship them out via UPS. They look nice.

    I think you could get away with having this coating on headers without heat shields for a nice look. (Not on my UC...too many clamps, pieces and welds) You would have to spend some time really polishing and smoothing the headers because the coating will not hide scratches, spatter, imperfections etc, but it could definitely be done.

    First time attaching files so I hope I did it right. Here is the warranty for those considering this. I will add some feed back as to how they last when I install them and put some miles on them. Incidently, my neighbor had this coating put on his race car and had some flaking. JetHot stood by their warranty and recoated them. At that time, my neighbor only paid for shipping them out. JetHot shipped them back at no charge. For what it is worth...

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    Porter; I used a local shop for ceramic coating & they did some work for Boyd Coddington (i.e. Americal Hot Rod) so hope to see mine come back soon w/good quality. Saw other posters recommending JetHot, but little leery sending my pipes off to faraway lands. Glad to see things worked well for you & I'll have to post an update when I get mine back & installed. Cheers!
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    I had the headers done on my Ultra last winter by JetHot. It does make a difference in how hot the back header gets (granted it still gets warm but is not as bad as uncoated) No problems after one season but I only got about 10,000 miles on last year. I got the same coating option and really like how it keeps the clean look especially on the front pipe where it goes by the right foot of the drive. They apparently have several places around the country. I live in Ohio and they had me send mine to PA for coating.
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    Not trying to steal your thread here but didn't I read that poor ole Boyd Coddington bought the farm about a year or so ago? Heart attack as I recall. Too bad cause I generally liked his show. I enjoy all the drama that goes on in these small shops. Like that bozo father and his two sons up in New York who build custom bikes. Talk about dysfunctional. HDTalking moderators would have a cardiac arrest if they were to watch that show.