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    Hello; I am new here and coming out of central Louisiana. I have my first sporty, an 87 I inherited. I am having trouble with the idle, it will idle real nice for a couple minutes then fluctuate an die. I have set the points (oh yes it has been converted to points) and set timing. It has an S&S e carb. I have found no vac leaks. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You could try a wet test on the plug wires and see if they are breaking down.
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    You have points, check the flyweights are lubed and working, also check the roll pin is not shearing behind the advance mechanism
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    Welcome from So. Texas. Jack has you pretty well covered with the attachment. Has the bike been sitting very long? Do you know what jet sizes you have? That would help with diagnosis.
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    Don't know the jet sizes. Mechanical advance is new. Bike has been set up for about a years, due to the previous owners illness. I have the bike running great besides this one issue.