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    Is anyone familiar with Jerry's tips and techniques?
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    His CD is money well spent. More important is putting his tips to use. At least once a month I put the handbook and a bunch of squashed (they don't roll away) cans in my saddlebag and head to an empty shopping center parking lot for practice. It's pretty amazing what a big Harley can do in a small amount of space IF you have confidence.
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    As said above, Best of Breed. Excellent video and instruction. It will improve riding skills tremendously in 3 to 4 hours; and, it will probably take a bit more practice to ride at his skill level or his team’s demos! :)
    To sample some articles, or his site:
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    IMO, his videos are a must watch. You can get a lot of them on Youtube. His technique for doing U-turns on a motorcycle is something that I practice every ride. Really worth taking a look at.....
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    I would add my support for Motorman's CD's. I don't practice as much as I should, however, when I do, I come away with more confidence.

    My advice, buy a copy or two.

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    I took the class in NJ. Five hours, rained on and off, (mostly on) the whole time. I've ridden over 100,000 miles and learned how to handle a 850lb bike at parking lot speeds in a whole new way. Even at higher speeds I'm a better, safer, rider. Doing it in the rain actually helped in letting go of the fear that the bike would slide out from under me. Having three instructors watching and correcting my technique was priceless. Best thing I've done in a long time. If there is a class close enough, I highly recommend it.
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    RLaP is available via You Tube, or buy the DVD.... I recommend getting a small portable DVD player so you can view each exercise .
    I think the class (I took it three times here in NC) and the DVDs are money well spent IF... you make the effort to practice...and are willing to learn

    There are MANY other great instructors.... each has their own thought on how best to handle these bikes... you can learn a lot of all of them....
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    The key to success is practice, practice, practice so that it becomes second nature while riding.....
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    I was looking at all the crazy things some people do on a motorcycle and
    came across Motorman's video on you tube.
    I figured I was good, not quite. U-turns in 18 feet? So I bought his book & RLAP 5
    video,cut up a dozen tennis balls, got a measuring tape and found a school parking
    lot. I learned I didn't know as much as I thought I did but I didn't care, I probably knew
    it when I watched his video on U-turns.
    I started doing U-turns as it seemed I needed to fairly soon, I learned the hard way
    that when Palladino says, "Do the lessons in the order they are in the book." He's not
    kidding as each lesson gets you ready for the next and when I got good at the off-set
    cone weave, I was then ready for the next lesson, U-turns. I found this to be a very
    good course, to be frank I loved spending time improving biker skills. I'd suggest
    bringing a backpack with iced water and a phone could be a good idea too. I'd say,
    "This course is totally worth the money."
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