Jack asked? about the Canadians?

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    Jack asked me :

    "Are you keepin an eye them Canadians?" LOL
    My copy of the reply below....

    Are You Kidding?

    Both Eyes (were) Needed... They headed Back Via the Grand Canyon.
    (too cool for bikes n Kim)
    then up through Monument Valley via 191 to Moab, into the mountain-valley's to see all the Cathedrals imbedded in the Mountains there... They nighted in Wyoming, now off for Montana... I'm Rubbing in the WARM temps we have had here for their Long Ride-About .
    Took them to Many places Ron has been before but Kim never... She was a great gal to bring along. IF Not for her, Ron would have wanted to put on his heated gear and Watch me Shivvvvvver going North to the Temps below MY used-to comfort zone... IF we went to the Canyon (too cool for me)...
    As it was;
    He went Via Truck n Bikes in tow, on his way back to the FROZEN North...

    With a Warm Truck Heater blowing to Regain REMEMBRANCES' of Az's. Warm Temps I'm sure they are now missing... SAD......:oops:

    Signed ....BUBBIE

    This above Trip to Az. by the Two Canucks...

    I asked Ron,
    "When are you com'n down to visit with Both Bikes this time?
    Being you have a Nice New Trailer to get them through the SNOW n ICE...

    The Canucks: geezer (Ron) n wife Kim.......

    Next thing I knew: They had planned a Date...

    I hurried to check for Rental Living for them. Found a OUT of Way n Close to us (9 miles as the harley's ride):
    An apartment with Negotiated prices by BUBBIE... (good ones)Lol

    They Planned a 3 week stay..... When they arrived, really Happy with their Az. wilderness Living quarters...

    The Planned stay would be CUT Short in that rental unit... Just a couple days, 3 nights (3 wks. rented LOL)
    Then Off on the Road:
    3 bikes n Headed for WARM Riding FUN...

    Renting Motels along the way...
    7 nights out in Motels, far away from and Giving-Up their out door Views of Cochise Stronghold from their (slightly lived in) covered sitting area of their Nice Az. Rustic apartment rented for THREE WEEKS...

    " To be Continued"

    I'm taking the wife for a SHORT 200 mile ride-about to Bisbee n ? then Home...

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  2. Jeff Klarich

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    To bad he didn't stop to see me in Colorado, I had a jug of Canadian Winser waiting.
  3. HDDon

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    Thanks for the update on geezer and his better half. Sounds like a great time with a great guy and his wife. Lucky you! Jeff save that Winser I have a summer ride in the planning stage now!
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    Jump in with Redfish Joe, he's heading my way the end of June. He's planning a west coast ride. I have plenty of room.
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    I may take you up on your offer Jeff. If you ever get to Florida we have a private cottage with your name on it.
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    6:13 AM

    Hello BUBBIE n Joan,

    We had another good traveling day yesterday. Went threw Wyoming and saw some different scenery. Sure not as nice as Arizona or Utah but still OK.

    Kim was felling better in the lower altitudes (vertigo) so we drove later than we usually did. Made it threw Wyoming and into Montana. Got on I-94 and headed east to Miles City.

    Kim and I would like to make it home today if possible. Now that we’re this close, we both feel the grass growing under our feet and the time has come to get home even if it will be cold and snowy.

    We’ve been talking about our rides in Arizona and having great memories of each ride. We want to do it again. We still think both of you went above and beyond being super hosts and tour guides. It’s so nice to have our own personal guides who know the area so well and answer all my dumb questions. Can’t thank you both enough.

    That’s it for this morning, better get my Rear in Gear and get ready for the drive today.

    geezer Ron and Wifey Kim
    I Only Slightly Modified for our Language Rules.... (A BIG Laugh from me) EH....
    My Thoughts here.....

    I might Just as well start a Business...... "Ride Az's. Finest" or "BUBBIE's Az RUN. come n ride Biker Tours "
    IF they liked it That Much, I might just as well CHARGE for my FUN service... EH? Lol...

    Actually, I took them to the Normal Areas I (we) ride Every Year AND several times ridden before the snow flies or the monsoons start.
    This Ride, Just a little too early for the Upper Plateau of Az. and Utah for my liking.

    Once here (Az.) for a Full season of Cool winter Snows, melting in about the same time as it took to touch the ground, then come the Hot summer Monsoons (always 4 of July start) you get Spoiled and only do rides In-between seasons when Dry and Light leathers May be needed in early mornings and late evenings... (80% of the time really nice ride weather)..... BIG SMILE.....

    Year around riding not uncommon...

    Sept thru november/dec is actually our Best riding season early Warmth and Low Breezes...
    IF you come here like geezer, End of march into april works just fine Too...

    More to report soon. I'll go back and into our Ride Adventures and MissAdventures too... YES, we had Both on our Trips...

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  7. Jack Klarich

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    Thanks for the report, Ron and Kim are such fine folks
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Here is another part of our Ride and MissHaps:

    We were riding out of Florence Az. Up to Cottonwood Az. .. using 60, out of Apache Junction, planned to go up on 202 then 101 to 17 and Up to Cottonwood... (trips/rides will be in no particular order) So, I'll go back here and there to review other rides and areas covered...
    Example: Kearny to Winkelman back around to Globe being one, another is the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat...

    On this leg to Cottonwood, my Wife texted me and said:
    "Lots of problems with traffic and Security as Trump had a Rally planned in the lower part of 202...

    Just in Time as we fueled up at the 202 exit that turned into Hwy 87... Better route anyways for the Scenic Views...

    We had to Changed that route ALSO...
    Pondering on what was happening, lots of traffic and GLAD we got Another advanced warning before leaving onto 87 when another Bike n rider pulled into that station saying, Things you can't print on this forum...
    That 87 was Down Also as Protesters were Blocking the way up on 87 and Chained themselves to their Blockade cars n trucks n trailers too......
    That 87 route we would have taken, Skirting Around Donald Trump's Mess on 202... But all was ILLEGALLY Blocked...

    Glad again as the Harley gods were helping us out...
    I knew a way around that Blocked Portion of 87 and we took it.
    Bush Highway came out above the Blockage... That got us around Via a More scenic route... LOL, More Cactus...
    Great for Kim and geezer though...

    Now Mind You, I always Carry when I ride and EVERY DAY also.. I have a 9mm semi concealed under my shoulder with 2 extra Mags on the other. Also I carry a Revolver on my right Hip, Open for all to see when on the bike... Keeps trouble away I have found.

    geezer wondered what I would do IF we were to Take the ILLEGAL Blockage area on 87?... I told him, I would have gotten us through... BUT, That IS Why I took the Bi-Pass route. 'Nough Said....

    I am a FIRM believer in the second amendment but when not needed to Engage a Problem or Make One, I Use Common Sense... Only FEAR for My (our) Life would action be taken...

    We arrived in good time to check into our Motel...

    Now, where to Eat?

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  9. geezer

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    We had a blast riding Arizona with Mr. and Mrs. BUBBIE. They know all the back roads that aren't even on a map! I had been on some of the routes before but having Old-Timers, they were mostly all new to me. Kim enjoyed every mile she put on except the 120 miles she had to ride behind me on my bike when we had to get a new battery for her ride.

    BUBBIE, you should start an Arizona tour riding company. Most people will never find some of the great bike roads you took us on. Now you have a line on a place to rent that made our Arizona experience even better. You have to include Mrs. BUBBIE to answer all the tourist questions they'll have about the state.

    Kim was asked if she would come back to ride again and her answer was in a heartbeat. I feel the same way. Arizona is such a beautiful state with very diverse scenery. Seems every loop we went on was like a different country.

    BUBBIE and I talked about surprising a former Moderator from this forum by showing up at his door but we didn't make it this time. Maybe next time so long as BUBBIE keeps packing. :D:D:D
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    BUBBIE and I talked about surprising a former Moderator from this forum by showing up at his door but we didn't make it this time. Maybe next time so long as BUBBIE keeps packing. :D:D:D

    BUBBIE must have been low on his Amsoil supply.:eek: