It's a small 'Harley' world.

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    Last Night the wife and I took a ride to Restaurant/bar which is owned by some old friends to have a bite to eat and listen to some other old friends play some acoustic music. I pulled the bike into a space right outside the front door. A Few seconds later a guy pulls in the lot on a stripped down Dyna with copper fenders and gas tank with rapped exhaust pipes and copper shields over the mufflers. I wish I would have had a camera to take Pict's. Any way I motioned for him to pull in and share my parking space and then got into a conversation with the guy and after about a half an hour decided a formal introduction was due. As it turns out he is the son of a couple I was associated with through mutual friends back 70's. The last time I saw him he was probably about about 10 years old. He now lives in an area about 50 miles away from me and had rode into the city to meet some people and have a few cold ones.. some pretty good things can happen when you ride a Harley. If we were driving cages we most likely would not even have noticed each other.
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    Those encounters happen to my husband and I 99% of the times we're riding every week. It's a very small world. As soon as we begin chatting with someone the conversation comes back to something or someone whom we're closely connected with.

    One day a guy pulled up here in Malibu California and we started chatting. After a "round about conversation" about "where did you grow up?" etc... Come to find out... his grandfather owned the hospital that my husband was born in back in Jackson Michigan. 1,500 miles away! SMALL WORLD!

    It also reminds me how important it is to stay courteous "out there" because you never know who you're gesturing at while riding or talking to at a "stop". There's always a connection and hey - you'll probably meet again in the future because it is a "small Harley world".

    I also love that about this website. So many conversations to let us know that we're not the only one concerned about or wondering about certain topics. Thanks HDTalking! cool!
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    Have to say I have learned especially last weekend, "You meet the nicest people on a HARLEY"...and yes I think I have had more conversations about motorcycles than I ever had when riding other makes...! Even at gas stops, an HD rider will ask me about the engine guards or reflect about their previous Sportster experience.

    I think it is about how your attitude the minute you walk out to your garage, riding with that big grin on your face (not just for keeping out the bugs)... 'till you pull the strap off your helmet getting off the machine and lasts long after the of the best earth bound experiences one can have.
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    Last weekend my wife and I rode to the coast for lunch, it was a beautiful day. People were out by the thousands! Bikers of all kinds, all checking out other rides and enjoying the great weather. People were waving at us from the sidewalk and from porches! I almost felt like I was in a parade!
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    My favorite is when you pull along a car with a young child or pass one standing in their yard and the get a big smile on their face and wave like they just seen a good friend.
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    Or they stop what they are doing to watch you drive by...