is year of pan important

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    I knew an old H a bro who told me that pans between 48 and 51 are the best years for pans , any other opinions out there would be helpful . I'd kind of like a 64 pan since it'd be the same year as me but wanna know all well informed reasons yea or nay
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    I'm in no way a Pan expert, but as far as I know there is no great difference in Pan desirability, except for 1965 which was the last year, and the only electric start. 1958 was first year of hydraulic rear shocks, so some prefer that.
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    Although I rode my 52 Pan about ten years, I'm no expert, and I'm reaching back in to memory about this. Sometime in the Pan's mid to later years they changed from a tapered crankshaft on the pulley to a splined.
    Also, a Franks voltage regulator that bolted on the end of the generator was a great investment.
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    1965, last year of production, first electric start and over head oiling system
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    FL models were more desirable than E models they were 74 inch rather than 61 inchers, The early FL models had a grease fitting on the front engine sprocket
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    thanks for the input ,anyother opinions about it also will be helpful but I do think that when the time is right the 64 pan will be my choice after all ittl fit my age and my tat again thanks
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    63-65 ALL had over head oilers a big plus for this engine and it set the path for the Shovelhead or Trouble head as I call them
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    I don't know about "trouble", but they are fun to work on.