is this bike worth it?? 2000 heritage softail

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ron1978, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. ron1978

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    its a 2000 heritage softail, with 41,000 on it, perfect shape, its the darkgreen and black look, chromed everything, front end chromed, i known the bike for last 20,000 miles at least, the guy has taken real good care of it, not one scratch in paint, he told me in 2010 he's getting a new one, he would sell it to me only for $10,000 , would it be a good deal?? i think so.
  2. glider

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    KBB suggested retail is $11750 for that bike. The retail market is soft right now so I wouldn't jump too fast at it myself.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    NOT TO SHOOT YOU DOWN but i would
    LOOK at what the NEWER bikes are going for. above 2007 would have a lot of NEEDED upgrades...

    YOU might be surprised like i was when trading in my(top off the line) 2000 FXDS dyna for the NEW 09 FLHR....

    I had NOT A SCRATCH .. PAINT, BIKE N CHROME BEAUTIFUL.... 6 speed gear tires...600$ mustang seat... over 12,000 dollars in parts n chrome....570 ss gear drive cams...feuling lifters... mikuni carb.... scrm-e air ... python 3 exhaust /$$snake skins.... built motor ,flowed heads..Feuling oil pump... delkron cam plate.. big bore.. 10.25/1 scrme. pistons.. programable ignition... TONS of$$$$

    ALL IN GREAT SHAPE used no oil(comp at top 106/108) (redline synthetics used) BUT over 40,000 on the 3 built engine for that bike.... odometer said 72500 but more like (117,000)

    Mine LOOKED fresh like off the show room floor BUT looks can deceive

    MY bike needed a special kind of BUYER (hard to find)

    I was GLAD to get $7000 on trade... i was asking 10,500 and really didn't want to sell it to a FRIEND (been there done that) so the trade in was welcomed....

    41,000 on a 2000 IS A LOT OF MILES .... until 07 the bikes 1999 and up TO 2007, had a lot of things NOT UP TO GOOD STANDARDS... oil pump UNDER SIZED for the return of oil from engine.... cam-chain SHOE tensioners wear n crack n break... bad cam bearings if made before 17 of dec 1999 (first 1/2 year run) (look at build date on frame neck)

    at 41,000 it probably could use a valve job... new bore and pistons... (MY OPINION)

    LOOK at the parts into my OLD bike... PERFECT OUTSIDE... granted it was a hot rod driven KINDLY and well cared for but was it worth MORE? I felt YES but still worried me about the MILES ON IT.....

    question to you

    ask or do you know WHAT work has it had and at what mileage was it done.....

    IF early 1999 was the cam bearing swapped out?
    cam tensioners checked and or replaced?

    If none of this has been addressed yet....I"D STAY AWAY....

    YEAH the yankees lost...

  4. FLHXTom29715

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    If you're looking for a newer bike, list the thing's you really want and a price you want to pay and then look for that bike and you will find it. There will always be a bike (deal) for more and less money, do your research and figure out what it's worth to you, your friend knows what it worth to him 10k. Don't let your emotions get the best of you, be prepared to walk away from any deal. Let your buddy try to sell it for 10k and if he can't and decides to trade it in, give him 500.00 over their offer, if you think it's worth it. Certain years have certain problems and you want to make sure those issues have been address. Good luck with your purchase and let us know what you get. Tom
  5. SoonerSoftail

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    Since I just spent a few months looking for and found/bought a Heritage about a month ago I can at least claim to be an expert on what there going for in the OK, TX, KS area. I found quite a few 2002s to 2005s with under 10,000 miles for $10,000 to $12,000. Some with more bling and/or lower miles and some with less bling and/or more miles. I ended up giving $11,000 for a 2005 with 5800 miles. From this it seems to me that $10,000 for a 2000 with 41,000 miles isn't bad, but it's not a great deal either. If you really like the paint, add-ons, etc. and don't plan on spending any money changing anything (impossible for me) then it might be an OK deal since you know the bike. If you already have a list of changes you want to make I would look at others and not tie up any more than $10,000 in a 2000 with that mileage.
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    If it's just what you're looking for and you wouldn't plan to go crazy adding/changing things, I'd offer less to see if he'd take it. If so, get it and enjoy the heck out of it. Sometimes it's more frustrating to spend months searching for the perfect bike at the perfect price when a really nice deal is staring you in the face.

    Definitely inquire into the maintenance history of all the concerns addressed in previous posts.

    Many have commented about the miles. IMHO, 41000 miles on a 10 year old bike is not a lot. That's only 4000 miles a year. It just means the bike was ridden and enjoyed! I'm much more suspicious of bikes that only have really low annual mileage - makes me wonder why it wasn't ridden more.
  7. ron1978

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    he's a bike rally man, he goes to 4 rallies a year and there within 200 miles.
    he's put 24 thousands on it since he's had it, and he's never had any problem,
    he has no clue about the above problems, he bought it second handed at harley shop.
    he paid 17,900 for it in 2003
  8. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    In that case, they become YOUR problems/concerns if you buy the bike. Are you comfortable with that? If not, keep looking.
  9. nogoslim

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    If it was me, I'd keep looking, but that's just me. It's what's on the inside that counts, chrome don't get cha home. What it boils down to is, your going to be the one that has to live with your decision. It's good that your asking for opinions, be sure and think about what your reading here, because there's a great amount of experience talking on this site. "Opinions, everyone has one", some good, some not so good. You get to figure out which are which... Good luck on your decision! Lots of scooters for sale out there.........
  10. gmurdock

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    I find that a used anything is worth what you are willing to pay for it? The price sounds OK if that is what you want? Options are only worth anything if they are the options you want on the bike. JMO