Is Fatboy Good Bike for 1st Timers

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Roddyboy, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I know this thread gets posted over and over again, but.. Anyways, i've ridden for 7 years where my motorcycle was my only source of transportation. I had to drove thru rain, snow, dust storms, etc. plus dropped a few times and had an accident during those 7 straight years. Anyways, it's now been 20 years since i've last rode. I just finished with my MSC and found out it was like getting on a bicycle again.. I now want a 2004 Fatboy but I've read that they were terrible first bikes, plus not good for long cruises, "short yes"! and when it comes to 18 wheelers the turbulence is a nightmare. I've read that the weight of the bike can be problems on turns and braking. Are these myths or just haters? My question; with my past experience, you think buying a Fatboy make sense?
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    Only YOU can answer that question. I would suggest possibly renting a fat boy at the dealers and seeing how you like it. Some dealers will even let you test ride on if they feel you may buy it. Another choice is the dealer demo days where the MOCO brings the different bikes to try out at their risk.
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    I think you should be ok with the experience you had plus taking the MSC. The turbulence problem can be helped if you change out the solid wheel on the bike. The bike is heavier but not so much that it should be an issue unless you are very weak. You should ride the bike first to see if you will like it anyway and if you do maybe go to an empty parking lot to get use to the bike.
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    I just got my first motorcycle, a 2006 screamin eagle fat boy. A lot of people told me that its a lot of bike for a newbie but I think its ok as long as you take the time to really learn how the bike handles. I've rented a heritage once and ridden an Enfiled 350 cc in India a few times. But I think you shouldn't have any problems. I just ride slow and am extra careful...I also be sure to let any tailgaters pass me. You should be fine.
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    I agree 100% the Turbulence thing is way over blow if the wind is blowing that hard its gonna and does move my touring bike to
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    Hey Roddyboy... A 2004 Fatboy was my first Harley, and my first street bike after 14 years of not riding (other than a once a year spin on my dad's 87 softail when I could get it away from him :D ). My prior street bike was a 750 Yamaha. I had no problem adjusting to the Fatboy, and I found it to be almost a perfect fit after adding two inch risers to the stock handle bars. (I'm about 5' 9").

    As far as wind on the highway, not a problem... I thought maybe the bike was more susceptable to cross winds, but now that I've owned a couple other bikes since the Fatboy, it was no worse.

    Also, I took the MSF skilled rider class last summer, and that class was a blast. Actually practicing emergency manuevers on my own larger bike was a great experience.
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    Test drive if you can but the best advise I can give you is get what you like.
    With practice you can handle any HD, Dyna, Softail or touring.They are all good.
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    Welcome back to riding. Along with the great advice given here all that I can add is are you flat footed at stops. This will add to the confidence, and how are you at pushing the bike around. This is important for when parking sometimes you need to push. Installation of a crash bar may help also. For if the oops drop happens it will not fall to the ground and cause severe damage.
    As to the wind concern its not a big deal happens with all bikes. You can always add a windshield and bags if touring is in order. Remember that Electra Glide and Road King family are heavier yet.
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    My wife has a Fatboy as her 2nd bike. I see no problem for you.
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    I have 2010 Fatboy low. I've ridden on highways, next to trucks and on windy days. Windshield helps a lot and I don't notice any problems. I also ride a lot locally around town and notice no problems. This is my third season of riding, started out with sportster. Now, I wish I had gotten a bagger. You will get use to it very quickly. Just be careful and know your limit.