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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by azdigger, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. azdigger

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    Wow , I got an invite from the shop I bought my Heritage from and they said to be at the shop on Sat morning by 8am and have a full tank of fuel.. They were going to take the group for a morning ride and stopp for breakfast , their treat to show apreciation for our purchase.
    About 20 showed up, nice ride and met some new friends too.
    Any other shops do this ?
  2. Sledboy434

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    That is a really cool idea. Certainly adds to the dealer/customer relationship, as well as new friends to ride with. I may drop a hint at my dealer about doing that.
  3. FLST

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    My dealer in Wabash doesn't do that but every Saturday they have a cook out free for all. Sometimes chili (very good) and other times hot dogs and hamburgers. Once a month in the summer they have a hog roast. Cool dealership. Don't know about their service dept yet as I just got the bike. They made it quite easy for me to get my first HD.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Cool, my old dealer in Minnesota used to have Bike Week Days where you would dig in the sand for prizes:s
  5. azdigger

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    Mother Road Harley is the shop here in Kingman and the 2nd Sat of every month they have a BBQ also.
    Last BBQ there was at least 75 to 100 bikes there, was a great time.
  6. sharpscuba

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    I am looking forward to going to that dealership. I follow their website. I know that I will miss riding here in Wi. but the rides out of Mothers do look Awesome.
  7. tcspannerwrench

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    i hate being the wet blanket but i havnt heard one word from my dealer and that suprized me because we have two in my city.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    You are gong to LOVE Kingman. and the Mothers HD shop.

    I have done a lot of Az. and 5 yrs back,built in Sunsites (Pearce Az.)

    House is waiting for Me and Wife Full time when I can sell here in Wa.

    I can't get enough of Az. Even-tho the rides are Long to get anyplace different..

    Kingman to Oatman is just a Short ride on Old route 66 but a Blast.. I go very slow and turn around to look at every Nook and cranny while i do that ride..

    I Remember driving thru Oatman the First Time Ever, late one night going up to Kingman pulling bike behind motor home..

    Very Late there and a Vacant street,,,,,, Saying to my wife ,, "I bet they'd sooner Cut you throat in this town, then look at you".

    Man was I wrong.... Love to bike thru there.. A MUST.

    Then just For the Eagles song... Standing on the corner In Winslow Az.

    I HAD to go there Just to see the town... Neat.

    You are going to love Az..

  9. gasbag

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    Northwest Harley here in Lacey Washington has music, a BBQ and beer every Thursday evening through the summer here.
    I don't go because I don't like loud music or beer but they do go out of their way to keep everyone happy.
    They also have free breakfasts on Saturdays with organized group rides after.
    Last year I won a $500 riding jacket in one of their many free drawings.
    It's a good place. The owner is one of the nicest people I have met.
  10. Iceman24

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    My dealer has the traditional annual open house in Sep where they throw a party (BBQ, drinks, live band & fireworks). Not a bad deal, but breakfast ride would be cool too...